The price of mahogany furniture is being questioned by consumers. The organizer will not respond.

The public questioned whether the after-sales service was perfect yesterday. Mr. Ma questioned the reporter that there may be two problems in the "national tour of large-scale mahogany furniture bargaining". Mr. Ma believes that mahogany furniture belongs to the daily consumer goods, and the price is high, so the after-sales service has become a special concern for consumers. Sales methods such as "touring bargaining" can not guarantee that perfect after-sales service becomes a doubt. The second question to be verified is whether the sales venue will pay taxes to the local tax authorities. Mr. Ma believes that while the sales activities generate benefits, if you do not pay taxes to the local tax authorities, there will be advantages in price, and it will be unfair to local production and sales companies, which will greatly dampen the enthusiasm of local enterprises and impact local The competitiveness of enterprises.
On this issue, the reporter interviewed Mr. Liao, the organizer of the “National Tour Large-scale Redwood Furniture Bid Price”. He said that the matter should be answered by the general manager of the company. When the general manager of the party gave a reply, Mr. Liao said that the general manager was in a meeting and it was not clear when he replied to him. As of the deadline for the reporter, the other party still did not give a reply. It is only repeated that they are formal enterprises, and there is no such problem. The reporter consulted the Haikou City Local Taxation Bureau on tax issues. The local taxation staff said that it is necessary to pay taxes and fees at the trade fair, and the tax payment of the merchants needs to be verified tomorrow.
Consumers are advised that Mr. Chen, who has been engaged in the furniture industry for many years, has made several suggestions for consumers to pay attention to the purchase of mahogany furniture. First of all, to understand the scientific name of the wood species of furniture, do not steal the concept of some wood species common name provided by the merchants. For example, the name of the sour branch is more practical in Guangdong, and the wood in the north of the Yangtze River is called "redwood". Strictly speaking, the name of mahogany is neither scientific nor academic. It is a general name formed by some people who are unclear about various woods and belongs to a lay language. Therefore, consumers must do their homework, not to be confused by the general names proposed by some merchants, to prevent businesses from shoddy. Second, when buying furniture, you must ask the merchant for a formal tax invoice. Not only guarantees the merchants to pay taxes normally, but also protects their legitimate rights and interests for future after-sales services. The reporter will continue to pay attention to the follow-up of this matter.

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