Mechanical VS formaldehyde over standard furniture "quality door" should pay more attention to who

The release of "Avatar" made the people who like movies have a full hand. The emergence of Pandora's planet has given us more hope for nature. Recently, however, the National Quality Supervision Bureau has opened a Pandora's box. The box has released too many evils, and the entire furniture industry has staged an alternative "Avatar", and the major media have also passed.
Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the "2009 Third Batch of Product Quality National Supervision and Inspection Quality Announcement", highlighting three types of unqualified products, one is "mechanical performance", the second is the "instruction manual", three It is the formaldehyde content exceeding the standard. However, "mechanical performance" has become the most concerned word in the furniture industry. The reason is not only that this problem accounts for more than half of all unqualified products, but also an important reason is that the enterprises known as furniture stars "Pearl Pearl" and "Fuzhidao" "The furniture is listed as such, so the "quality door" is getting more and more intense, while ignoring the seriousness of other problems. Although there are not many products exceeding the standard of formaldehyde, the failure of 18 products still makes consumers shudder.
"Mechanical performance" VS "formaldehyde exceeded standard"
What is the mechanical properties? How much does it affect the use of furniture? This is the issue that consumers are currently most concerned about. Li Bo, director of the Light Industry Center of the Sichuan Provincial Quality Supervision Center, pointed out that mechanical properties refer to the appearance of furniture materials under various environments, such as compression, continuous loading, bending, torsion, durability, impact, etc. The mechanical characteristics and mechanical properties are not up to standard, which only affects the service life and safety of the furniture, but does not affect the safety and safety of the human body. Therefore, Li Bo also warned consumers not to be afraid of mechanical performance, too worried.
Professor Xu Boming, Dean of the Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute pointed out that the "mechanical performance" problem is not unique to a certain manufacturer, but a very common problem. In theory, there are ways to solve such things as chassis aggravation, but the cost is too big for consumers. We should seek truth from facts and should not be too harsh on issues that are objectively impossible and less secure.
However, the problem of excessive formaldehyde will bring problems that cannot be solved. According to the standard, the amount of formaldehyde released from wood furniture should be ≤1.5mg/L, and the products of the nine companies that were inspected exceeded the standard value. It is understood that formaldehyde is often used in furniture, formaldehyde is easy to cause nasopharyngeal cancer, nasal cancer and sinus cancer, and there is now evidence that formaldehyde can cause leukemia.
Many experts have analyzed that the main factors are the excessive formaldehyde, the strength of the enterprise and the sense of social responsibility. In order to save costs, some enterprises purchase cheap fiberboard and particleboard that are not qualified for formaldehyde emission, and some enterprises have backward production equipment and processes, and use cheap and inferior adhesives to cause excessive formaldehyde in the products.
Who is the tiger? Who is "zero formaldehyde" cheating?
Due to the current media's tracking of "mechanical problems" and in-depth reports, consumers seem to be talking about the problem of some mechanical stability problems. These furniture seems to have become sinful. In the end, which quality inspection is unqualified and hurts consumption. The heart of the person?
In recent years, the hazards caused by the excessive content of heavy metals in formaldehyde have been paid attention to by consumers. Although the merchants have “converged”, they still cannot be cured. It is understood that in this sampling, Nanjing Yonghua Furniture Factory has been on the “black list” for two consecutive years. Nanjing Baotel Furniture has been on the “black list” for three consecutive years. I don’t know the corporate responsibility of continuously using formaldehyde over-standard plates. Where is the heart? It is reported that there are still many purchasers of formaldehyde over-standard furniture, who tell the consumers that this is based on international environmental protection, or zero formaldehyde. In fact, the so-called "zero formaldehyde" in the market, experts introduced that most of the furniture in the corners will use adhesives and paints and other chemical products, paints containing toluene, xylene and heavy metals soluble lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and other harmful Substance, so the term "zero formaldehyde" is overstated.
In 2009, "the price of Kafunda furniture to pregnant women abortion case", I believe that the industry will remember the new, although the final results show that the room smell and Kafinda furniture has nothing to do, at least the furniture formaldehyde exceeds the standard to make consumers feel awkward and shocking. The problem of excessive formaldehyde has been repeatedly noticed by consumers.
It is precisely because of the attention of consumers that many furniture merchants use the environmentally-friendly “zero formaldehyde” and other gimmicks to speculate on the products, but the reporter wants to say that this is just a “pseudo-concept of “hanging the sheep, selling dog meat”. The hype, these companies with no social responsibility have not been accused by the media in this inspection, but their harmfulness is far more than the "mechanics problem", because they completely put the safety and life of consumers in the brain. After that, they have completely lost their social values. Companies that are not named do not think that they are not related to themselves. If you are still building your own interests in the lives of consumers, please brake quickly and don't lose faith in consumers.

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