Interpretation of Working Principle of Deep Well Submersible Pump

[Asia Fluid Network News] deep well submersible pump to start work before the pump filled with liquid first. Open the pump, the impeller to do high-speed rotary motion, the pump fluid along with the blade rotation, the role of centrifugal force, the fly-off from the impeller outward, the injection of liquid in the pump chamber diffusion chamber speed gradually slow down, the pressure gradually increased, and then From the pump outlet, discharge pipe outflow. At this time, at the center of the vane, the liquid is thrown around to form a vacuum low-pressure area free of air and liquid, and the liquid in the liquid pool flows into the pump through the suction pipe by the atmospheric pressure of the pool surface, Continuously sucked up from the liquid pool and continuously from the discharge pipe outflow. Deep submersible pump working principle of interpretation Next, the points will be introduced in detail its working principle: 1, the pump before use, the use of megger to check the motor insulation resistance, the minimum value of not less than 5 megohm. Check the method is to connect a megohmmeter on the electric pump cable terminal block, the other terminal connected to the motor housing, the megger, shake, observe the insulation resistance. 2, water immersion motor should open the irrigation bolt, fill the clean water and then tighten the bolt, and then dive into the water. Oil immersed motor, such as the discovery of oil spills, seal components should be replaced before diving into the water. 3, electric pump in the water or when slipping, shall not pull the cable, so as to avoid damage to the cable or the connector at the disconnect. 4, electric pump dive into the water should be vertical, not diagonal. 5, electric pump shall not transport more water or mud sediment. Flooding motor should always clean the motor cavity sand, replace the motor cavity of water. 6, after the electric pump, it should be cleaned, painted the surface of the metal rust, and placed in a dry place vertical storage. Through the above six specific analysis, we understand the deep well submersible pumps need to be prepared before work matters, the specific work of the work, and what needs to be done after work. After many years of development, the submersible pump is maturing, but in the face of brutal market competition, it has to do more to adapt to this fast-paced social rhythm. Related articles: Deep well submersible pump model Daquan and parameters Deep well submersible pump installation steps and precautions

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