Small problems should pay attention to the problem of mechanical properties, causing great thinking in the furniture industry

On January 6, 2010, the National Quality Inspection Network announced the results of the furniture inspection in August 2009. Among the batches that were sampled, the mechanical performance indicators of the open bead furniture bedside table did not reach the national standard, and all the other items were qualified.
In this inspection, many companies have cases where the mechanical properties are not up to standard, and then the industry is thinking.
Event playback component design is not perfect Chinese furniture company recalls products for the first time
On August 3, 2009, Pocket Pearl Furniture accepted the quality inspection of the product batch of the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong). The results of the initial inspection on September 22 were announced. The mechanical performance of the bedside cabinet of the F2854 model of the Pearl Mingzhu furniture was not up to standard, and there was a slight vertical load stability in the drawer part of the batch of Mingzhu furniture bedside furniture.
On the morning of September 23, the management of Palm Mingzhu Furniture held a meeting. President Wang Jianbin announced that in order to resolutely implement the core values ​​of 'Customer First, Integrity and Responsibility', and fulfill the promise of 'Quality Zero Defects', the batch of open pearl furniture inventory products will be immediately sealed. At the same time, the customer who contacted the batch of products recalled the bedside table.
As of October 2009, Pocket Pearl Furniture has recalled most of the products in this batch, and the rest of the recall work is still in progress (service hotline 400-8800-111). The recalled products will be re-adjusted according to the new process, and the distribution will be distributed to the consumers' homes.
At the same time, the company asked the product technology department to conduct a self-test on all mechanical performance design immediately, and called on the furniture design experts to unite and gather the wisdom of the people to optimize the mechanical performance design of the furniture bedside cabinet.
The mechanical performance design problem caused the Chinese furniture industry to think about the national quality inspection department. The mechanical performance detection method is: pull the bedside cabinet drawer out 2/3, and put 15 kg weight inside, the whole drawer can not be inclined. Therefore, this mechanical performance problem, non-product material problem, is not perfect structural design.
The mechanical performance design of the drawer has been plagued by Chinese furniture designers. Although it has almost no impact on the quality and use of the products, in order to be perfect, the management requirements for the process are quite high, and the side rails of the bedside cabinets carrying the drawers are drilled. The hole position requirements are more accurate to the millimeter level. If the force is uneven during drilling, the millimeter error is likely to occur.
According to the reporter's understanding, after the results of the quality inspection, the Pearl Mingzhu Furniture actively cooperated with the designers of the Design Institute of the Polytechnic University of Milan and several experts from the Chinese furniture industry to report and exchange the issue of strengthening the stability of the connector. After multiple arguments, Pocket Pearl Furniture decided to upgrade the drilling machine computer program while strictly controlling the process control, and increased the mechanical performance index detection at the factory to completely solve the problem.
On October 19, 2009, the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou) re-examined the products of the project, and improved the design of the F2854 model bedside table products of the Mingzhu Furniture. Afterwards, the Sichuan Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau applied the series to the Pearl Furniture. The mechanical properties of the product were re-examined and the results were also qualified.
After editing the small problem, it is necessary to face the integrity of the enterprise, and then the company will go further. The small problem of the Pearl furniture is big, and the practice of recalling the problem product in good faith is worthy of recognition. Only with good faith, the road of the enterprise can be more and more wide; only with integrity, the enterprise can go further; only all enterprises can fulfill their commitment to consumers, and the dream of strengthening China can be realized.

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