5000 Sichuan enterprises three-point world Sichuan furniture into the fast lane of independent innovation

In the 1980s and 1990s, Sichuan furniture was criticized by “plagiarism”, so that every major exhibition held in the industry, coastal enterprises have appeared in “conceptual furniture”, trying to make the inland Sichuan army “do not understand”. However, this fascinating array was finally seen by the Sichuan enterprises, and it was said that “the furniture that is sold is not exhibited, and the furniture for exhibiting is not easy to sell.”
In fact, such small coastal factories have created “big brands” in the same way as European and American styles, while Sichuan big factories have followed the helpless situation of coastal small factories to follow up, and have gradually subsided since 2000. In recent years, as Sichuan furniture has been listed as a pillar industry in the province and accompanied by a series of policies, the Sichuan furniture industry has begun to improve its enthusiasm, actively explore and implement the combination of institutions, relying on the development of the designer team, only less than 3 years. Time, step into the fast lane of independent innovation.
5000 Sichuan enterprises are three-point world Sichuan is one of the three major domestic furniture manufacturing bases in Zhejiang and Guangdong. Only Chengdu and the surrounding two-tier cities are nearly 5,000 large and small furniture factories. It is even more than a few hundred to several thousand acres. The Chongzhou Industrial Park, where the whole friend's furniture is located, is 3,000 acres. The Shuanghu Industrial Park in Pengzhou City is also over a thousand acres. At the beginning of the year and in the middle of the year, the reporter went to the newly-built Chengdu Daxie Furniture Industrial Park and Chengdu Xindu District Furniture Industrial Park for interviews. Among them, the Xindu Furniture Industrial Park area gathered the most furniture manufacturing enterprises, and it was also the “Sichuan Made” furniture. One of the birthplaces.
In recent years, with the support of governments at all levels and provincial and municipal furniture trade associations, an entrepreneurial concept of changing “Sichuan creation” to “Sichuan creation” has penetrated into various furniture manufacturing enterprises, removed the hat of “imitation” and left itself. The road has become the common aspiration of many entrepreneurs.
According to the data, Sichuan furniture has basically occupied the furniture market in the 12 provinces and autonomous regions in the west. In Shanxi Province alone, it accounts for about 80% of the market. This year, the two biggest "Northern Expedition" actions of the Sichuan Army were to go to Shaanxi and prepare to enter the large furniture market in Xi'an. One was to organize a heavy military cluster and attack the Xianghe River in Hebei, the country's largest furniture distribution center.
It is easy for God to "remember" for a long time. The small scale, lack of vision, shortage of funds, lack of talents and other factors have seriously plagued the Sichuan furniture industry. The key to "caps" depends on the designer team. During the interview with the Aifan Furniture Factory in the middle of the year, the reporter met with He Yu, an associate professor of the design department of the Sichuan University Art School, and Professor He Rongding, the head of the design department of the Chengdu University Academy of Fine Arts, and a senior from Shenzhen. Furniture designer Cao Jing and other more than 10 experts and scholars, Ai Fan furniture insisted on many years of brain-taking actions, making the company's original cypress furniture, which was not very good, and almost all of them entered the domestic market through the efforts of the designer team. city.
Many entrepreneurs in the furniture industry said that in the past, they did not have this kind of “request for God”. Secondly, it is more difficult to ask designers to join companies. Because they don’t understand each other, it’s very easy now, including hiring. Foreign designers. Imagine an Italian designer who, in addition to his design fees and sales commissions, can the sales in the Italian market compare with the sales in the entire Chinese market? Obviously, there are many more commissions in China. Therefore, they are also willing to come, and they hope that the products they design will sell much more and sell more. Therefore, it is more convenient and easier to "watch" now than in the past.

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