2011 Mahogany Furniture Industry Development and Innovation Forum unveiled on August 19

In the early 1990s, the appearance of mahogany furniture was almost invisible at the Beijing Home Fair. With the establishment of large-scale stores, the improvement of per capita purchasing ability and the pursuit of elegant taste life, mahogany furniture has gradually entered the homes as the most “features” of Chinese furniture. The whole industry is in full swing and has a tendency to continue to rise. .
The pursuit of classical cultural taste and high investment value has led more and more people to use, collect and invest in mahogany furniture. The scarcity of redwood raw materials has also caused the “gold content” of mahogany furniture to soar, and the space for preservation and appreciation has gradually increased. However, it is this high taste, high value-added, high value-added, environmentally friendly and healthy characteristics, as well as the reduction of the import channels of redwood raw materials, making the redwoods fraud prohibitive, the market is mixed, and occasionally bubbles appear. Resource issues, talent issues, original issues, development issues, and integrity issues have all been put on the "white paper" of the mahogany furniture industry, becoming several "big mountains" that hinder the development of the market.
“Seeing clearly, buying with confidence” is not easy for the mahogany furniture industry that makes consumers look at the fog, but the “gold content” is soaring and the consumers are eager to move. How to buy genuine mahogany furniture The topic of consumer concern. Under this circumstance, companies have launched "fidelity warfare" to express sincerity, but today, despite the ban on fraud, consumers are already discouraged.
What is the current state of market development? How to solve the existing problems? Can the development trend be clearly seen? How to reshape consumer buying determination? How to make consumers "see and understand the peace of mind"? Antique furniture represented by "inheritance" and new Chinese original furniture represented by "innovation", who will lead the main trend of industry development? In the beginning of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", we will join hands with the Redwood Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association and the House of Reality to jointly launch the topic of "Inheriting PK Innovation Redwood Furniture Industry Development and Innovation Forum".
Hosted by: National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association Redwood Committee Actual Home Time: August 19, 14:00
Venue: Lizhuang Lizhuang Elite Dialogue: Redwood Development Trend Forum 1: Development Status of Redwood Furniture Market
1. Discussion on the development status of mahogany furniture market
2. What is the real value of mahogany furniture? Rare material? Redwood art?
Two: discussion on the prospects of mahogany furniture market
1. How do mahogany furniture fly into the homes of ordinary people?
2. Who will be the mainstream of future development of the innovative PK heritage?
Invited guests:
Professor of the Chinese Cultural Relics Training Department, traditional furniture expert Hu Desheng Secretary General of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Redwood Furniture Committee Zhang Renjiang Deputy Director of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Li Jiguang, Secretary General of Beijing Consumers Association Dong Qing Corporate Guest:
President of the Real Estate Wang Linpeng General Manager of Hongmu Street Jiang Dingsheng Yuan Henry Chairman Yang Bo Youlian General Manager of the Furniture Factory Private Factory Pan Haiying Shenfa Craft Furniture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Director Pan Wenwu Xuan Mingdian Chairman Fu Junmin Beijing Rui Xiang An Classic General Manager of Furniture Co., Ltd. Wu Bihong Chairman of Fujian Longjing Yiyuan Classical Furniture Co., Ltd. Yan Xinghui General Manager of Hong Kong Meilun Classical Furniture Co., Ltd. Gan Jingchi General Manager of Beijing Daqian Muyi Furniture Co., Ltd. Sun Ying Beijing Huadong Xiangrui Hongmu Furniture Factory General Manager Jia Peijun China Beauty Zhang Honglin, Chairman of Lianjia Private Co., Ltd. Chairman of Beijing Everyone Classical Furniture Co., Ltd. Lin Qingcai Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Xingzhi Furniture Co., Ltd. Zhang Xingbao, Manager of Beijing Red Marketing Department, Huang Yaozhu, Beijing Longshuncheng Chinese Furniture Co., Ltd. And Woodworking Chairman Guan Yi Jinghua Hong General Manager Cui Jianjun Li Tan Jiayuan General Manager Li Guangjin

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