Dahua released the smart home brand "Le Orange" and announced a strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud

Le Orange Dahua Smart Home Alibaba Cloud

Yesterday afternoon, Dahua, a well-known video surveillance brand in China, released its smart home independent brand “Le Orange” and announced a strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud in cloud computing and big data.

With the "Le Orange" debut, there are four smart home items, including a TV box, a webcam, a smart socket and an infrared sensor. The music orange TV box is mainly a video chat. It integrates a high-definition camera and realizes a real-time call effect similar to Facetime through the built-in music chat app. The main feature of the camera is small, the camera body is less than a large credit card, 720P video recording, infrared and voice. Sockets, infrared sensors and similar products are not much different.

Le Orange TV Box "Le Box" </

Le Orange TV Box "Le Box"

Le Orange Family Camera

Le Orange Family Camera

The music box, camera and socket are connected by the "LeFly" protocol developed by "Le Orange". The protocol is based on the 433MHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands. The official said that its wall penetration performance is stronger than the standard protocol.

At the press conference, another protagonist is Aliyun. Dahua shares announced a strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, which will start from two aspects. In the personal and consumer markets, “Le Orange” will build a smart home cloud platform based on Alibaba Cloud, mainly video cloud service; in the government and enterprise market, Dahua will cooperate with Alibaba Cloud in key monitoring projects in various industries, Dahua Join the Alibaba Cloud Smart City Project and build a city intelligent monitoring system and video sharing platform based on Alibaba Cloud.

The article was reported by Changzhou Furniture Editor.


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