How to renovate solid wood flooring renovation techniques

With the improvement of living standards, people continue to pursue quality life, and solid wood flooring is a symbol of quality of life. Many homes nowadays have solid wood flooring and the floor life is limited. Although the quality and quality of the solid wood flooring itself is very good, but it will inevitably lead to a decline in gloss after a period of use, so that the appearance is also reduced, and the renovation of solid wood floors is a good solution to people's problems, then the solid wood floor renovation What equipment and skills are needed? Next we will go and learn together.

If you do not specifically understand, you may not know the relevant information of wood floor renovation, in fact, for most people, the new home for a few years may make the original brand new floor look very old, how to clean it can not restore the original bright feeling If you come to this stage, everyone can consider renovating their own solid wood flooring. If you do not understand the relevant procedures, this article can help you.

Renovation of solid wood floors - introduction

The so-called refurbishment of solid wood floors is the problem that after the long-term use of the solid wood floor, glossiness declines, and the replacement thereof becomes wasteful and cumbersome. Therefore, the method of restoring the appearance of the solid wood floor by recoating, waxing, and the like. The low cost of refurbishing solid wood floors, strong operability, and economical application are the best solutions to the problem of obsolete solid wood flooring, and are trusted and supported by many solid wood flooring families. At the same time, solid wood flooring renovation is also a very popular one. This kind of environmental protection reform method.

Solid wood floor renovation - equipment

1. Use 24 mesh, 60 mesh, 120 mesh sandpaper, belt machine, edge edge, to ensure that the surface of the floor is delicate and smooth.

2. Putty putty can ensure the true color of the floor and the floor will not be scratched.

3. Floor paint, the application of environmentally friendly water-based floor paint, will not make the room smell, floor paint must be a special floor paint, its wear can meet the requirements of the floor

4. The use of special wood floor wax and polishing machine, as well as DCS vacuum system, to ensure the luster of solid wood flooring. The specific process is:

1. Refurbish the machine with a special large-scale vacuum floor, first rough-grind the floor and then fine-grinding, so that the surface is smooth and delicate wood grain is clear.

2. Use a special transparent putty for the floor paint, scrape on the polished floor and wait for dry (5----10) minutes with a wooden solid putty, fill the gap between the floor and the floor and use 360- --- 600 water gauze paper to dry, scrape the second putty sanded dry.

Third, with a small bucket of crystal floor paint in accordance with the proportion of uniform with a high quality wool brush will be painted in order on the floor to be dry (5 --- 8) hours. Four: Use 360----600 water sandpaper to carefully polish the first pass of paint to make the surface smooth and delicate, and then carefully dry the paint. The last time the floor paint is better.


Solid wood floor renovation - methods

Generally, before the refurbishment of the solid wood floor, there are many serious scratches and cracks on the floor, so it needs to be treated; then the solid wood floor surface is cleaned and then polished, polished can be used to refurbish the special floor solid wood floor The purpose of the machine is to scrape off the paint on the wooden floor; the next step is to put a good putty on it and evenly apply it on the solid wood floor and air it dry; the putty on the floor can be painted, oiled and beaten after being dried. Wax, after the paint is dry, the renovation of the solid wood floor is completed.

Solid wood floor renovation - tips

After the solid wood floor is polished, it is necessary to observe the flatness of the floor. If there are obvious irregularities, it needs to be smoothed and polished. The thickness of the grinding is about 0.5 mm. The most appropriate; secondly, many grinding machines cannot polish the floor. Therefore, the need to use sandpaper for manual grinding, so as to ensure the grinding effect, and the best method of grinding is to use coarse sand paper, then use fine sandpaper, one by one from four directions; solid wood floor renovation after waxing And oiling is very important, which can improve the life and gloss of solid wood flooring. Therefore, after the putty is dried, it should be carried out in the order of painting, oiling, and waxing.

Solid wood floor renovation - maintenance

The effect of refurbishing the solid wood floor is almost no different from the new purchase, but its surface has been polished, so the thickness of the solid wood floor has also become thinner, and its life has become more fragile, so it needs a good conservation. After the refurbishment of the solid wood floor, the first need to be waxed once a month, this can maintain the gloss of the wooden floor surface; at the same time, after the renovation, can not be brought into the sand, otherwise it will wear solid wood floor surface; for solid wood flooring Sewage also needs regular treatment, otherwise it will be difficult to handle long-term accumulation, the appearance of the surface is reduced.

Solid wood floor renovation - advantages

The renovation of solid wood floors is of great advantage, no matter from which side. First, the cost of refurbishing solid wood floors is low, which can save household expenses. Secondly, the construction of solid wood floors is small, and the manpower and power costs are small; the wood floor renovations spend the least money, and new solid wood floors are harvested. Everyone will feel that What a good thing to do, and finally, the renovation of solid wood floors can also enhance the life of the floor, more able to paint according to their own preferences, refurbished to the floor color you want.


Solid wood floor renovation - price

It's cheaper than new board and it's economically very cost-effective. The price of refurbishment of solid wood floors is about 250 yuan/m2, depending on what kind of floor and paint you use, and the quality of the materials will be different.

Summary: After reading so much information about the refurbishment of solid wood floors , everyone is not feeling a bit too tired. In fact, if you live in your own home space for more than five years, you should consider refurbishing the interior objects. The refurbished home will be as beautiful as your new home.

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