How to calculate the cabinet door price

For many cabinets, they are afraid that they will be pitted when they purchase the cabinets. In particular, there are many types of cabinet door materials. Therefore, the cabinet door panel price calculation method is not the same. Today, the prices of the cabinet door panels are small. How to count and cabinet door panel price calculation method for your reference oh.

Cabinet door price how to calculate?

There are two methods for calculating the price of cabinet door panels that Xiaobian has known. One is the current general calculation method in China, and the other is the cabinet door panel price calculation method in Europe and the United States. Next, we will explain the prices of these two kinds of cabinet doors. Calculation method.

First, the domestic cabinet door price calculation method

1. The price of cabinets or cabinet doors is generally calculated based on unit cabinets or extension meters. Most of them use extended meter billing, which is easy to understand, transparent and easy to calculate. The specific meters are tailored to your home kitchen. The meter calculation is based on the standard deferral meters, and the non-standard parts and other cabinet hardware accessories are accounted for by other accounting items.

2, some businesses also in accordance with the cabinet door area pricing, but whether the use of Yanmi pricing or area pricing is only a form of China's integrated home market formed in the case of immature pricing, is a transition. With the passage of time, it is believed that China must also implement the pricing of cabinets and cabinet doors in accordance with international practices.

Second, European and American countries cabinet door price calculation method

The prices of cabinet doors for European and American developed countries are calculated using the cabinet pricing method, that is, the unit price is calculated in units of standard size cabinets. Businesses have developed a functional cabinet that meets different needs. According to the various dimensions of the cabinet body, the amount of consumables for the panel, cabinet hardware and related accessories is calculated. Each standard cabinet has a corresponding quotation, the price is clear and the customer can Your own needs, free combination.

Cabinet door price

Yali 10-01 cabinet solid wood door Price: ¥ 1080.00/m2

Qunying billion KQ paint kitchen cabinet door Price: ¥ 468.00/m2

Qunying Bao billion M91 plastic molded cabinet door reference price:Â¥678.00/m2

Double Hearts Ke Lefu Mirror Paint Cabinet Door Price: ¥750.00 - 1480 Yuan/m2

Freaker fkl-m006 covered cabinet door Price: ¥550.00/m2

A wooden edge Lushuihe series cabinet door price: RMB 320.00/m2

Bei Anxin Ke Lefu metal car paint door Price: ¥ 800.00 - 1780 yuan / m 2

The relevant information about the cabinet doorboard price was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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