Focus: Looking at the marketing development trend of the furniture industry from the clothing industry

【Abstract】 When the concept of overall home and integrated home has become the marketing consensus of the furniture industry, when the furniture display experience center with the model room as the core becomes the market standard, how to change the limited between the models is infinite, and the commonality between the samples is Personality, the “visiting” experience between the model rooms in the exhibition hall is a “trial” experience, which has become a breakthrough problem in the home industry marketing. The Internet era makes everything possible, and the “fitting room” marketing model transplanted from the clothing industry injects fresh blood into furniture marketing. The “fitting room” marketing model of the furniture industry is an innovative attempt to experience the common experience of consumer experience during the “experience economy”.

Apparel industry: "fitting room" implantable marketing with functional and decorative products

Let's take a look at the clothing industry. The clothing industry and the furniture industry are all industries with more individualized needs. The characteristics of their products have essential similarities: functionality + decoration. The individualized appeals of men and women, high and low fat, etc., which are oriented to the clothing, are no less than the furniture industry. The main function of modern clothing is no longer to keep warm. The taste, fashion, and sense of the times of modern people come from the choice of clothing. And match. The clothing industry began to appear in the form of tailoring shops. According to the different needs of individual tailoring, similar to today's custom furniture industry stores, according to the needs of different owners, door-to-door housing, out of design, and then production. This model of extreme compromise of personalization has constrained the scale development of the industry.

To break through this constraint, we can learn from the two aspects of the current apparel industry. The first is the standardization and serialization of the production process, which makes the apparel industry embark on a large-scale development path. Second, the sales link, clothing and furniture products have the same individualized demand, both functional and decorative, how to let consumers choose the products that suit their own and make purchasing decisions as soon as possible, the marketing practice of the clothing industry is: human body model + Fitting room. The clothing is worn on the mannequins, such as the furniture placed in the space, in the furniture industry in the form of experiential and situational exhibition halls. From the development of display sales to today's experiential and situational sales, the furniture industry has taken a big step, but compared with the clothing industry, the function of “fitting room” is still lacking. Whether the clothing is suitable for wearing on the body, you can choose through the fitting room within a few minutes, but the furniture can not be free to give the home space "try on", the consumer puts the limited model room into the mind of the home image "try on" comparison For a long time, it is still abstract and people are extremely unreliable. Such consumption obstacles are determined by the bulk characteristics of furniture products.

Through the analysis of the apparel industry, we draw the conclusion that: 1. Personalized demand can be met by standardized products; 2. The experiential and contextual sales model of furniture should be upgraded to the implant.

Total solution marketing for low-profile industries

Let us take a look at the finished furniture industry. The standardization and scale of finished furniture are higher than the custom furniture industry, so the products can be cheaper. However, the finished furniture has only a limited number of experiential and situational exhibition halls. The consumers can only choose and match through the limited model rooms. Compared with the clothing industry, an important sales decision factor is lacking here. Bit. The clothing industry is a high-profile industry, and its professionalism is not strong. Everyone can be their own image designer. Only about 5% of the high-end people have their own image designers. The furniture industry is a low-profile industry. For the average owner, the house will be renovated once in a lifetime. The decoration cycle of two or three months is destined to be a hasty passenger in this industry. It is unfamiliar to this industry. Brand consumption awareness. The interior design and soft design are a very professional industry for the general owners. In home improvement consumption, the owner urgently needs not a brick, a toilet, a sofa, or a bed. It is a home, a living space, and a total solution. The current situation is that non-professional consumers are forced to go around and work hard for professional home improvement services. They are eager to call for the provision of professional services for home businesses.

For this situation, we have been inspired by the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs are an industry with absolute low attention and professionalism. People can go to pharmacies to buy medicines, but the biggest sales of drugs is not pharmacy channels, but hospitals. Depending on the patient's individual condition, the doctor combines the performance of various drugs to prescribe a prescription that guides the sale of most drugs. From this we conclude that for a professional industry with low attention to furniture, a simple product portfolio should be upgraded to a solution that combines the owner's floor space.

Furniture industry: the new marketing model of the overall furniture "fitting room"

Through the previous analysis, we get two conclusions: 1. The demand for furniture products with strong personality and “functionality + decoration” should be upgraded from experiential, situational and implantable sales, so that consumers can understand consumption. Prompt to make purchase decisions as soon as possible; 2, for products with low attention and professionalism, it is not enough to provide products or product combinations, and the overall solution to the combination of individual space is the Kangzhuang that meets the requirements of market consumption. right way. These two new marketing initiatives will comprehensively improve the quality of purchase and the success rate of purchases from the fundamental factors contributing to furniture consumption.

In this context,'s “integrated home direct sales” enters the market vision. The new home network platform does not sell individual furniture products. Here, it sells the owner's living space, which combines the product, the owner's room type and the designer's creative trinity. The living space is displayed on the network platform through virtual reality. This is the implantable sales model of the new product “product + space”.

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