The design of new labor insurance shoes

A good safety shoes is not only fashionable but easy to clean, but also breathable and comfortable. Of course, meeting these requirements is not enough. If you wear such labor insurance shoes and go to the workshop, the result is not a fall, that is, the sole is damaged. That kind of labor insurance shoes is also a failure, it is not applicable. Therefore, under the premise of meeting some basic functions of labor insurance shoes, the bottom flower design of labor insurance shoes is also very particular.

The design of labor insurance shoes is divided into many aspects. The first is the design of the upper, and the design of the upper is mainly to consider the comfort and popularity of the shoes. Designing a shoe is unsuccessful if no one likes it. If the shoe is designed to be worn, if it is not comfortable to wear, obviously it will not work. Therefore, in considering the design of a shoe, on the one hand to consider fashionable and generous, on the other hand also have to consider when wearing the material will not wear the feet. In this regard, many of us should have experience. When we newly bought a pair of leather shoes, we couldn’t avoid grinding our feet when we first started wearing them. This is caused by the discomfort of the new shoes. For our safety shoes, we must pay particular attention to this aspect. Because the safety shoes are generally selected for high-quality first skin or second skin, generally not thick, because it is relatively hard. If we do not consider these when designing the material of the upper, it will inevitably appear uncomfortable to wear.

For a pair of good labor insurance shoes, the bottom flower design of the sole is also very important. Because good shoes don't only look good at the end, but also they are slip-resistant and wear-resistant. The designer of the Lion Lion footwear industry has a very strong foundation in this respect. The soles of shoes designed for the sole purpose of performance are generally excellent in terms of slip resistance. In terms of material selection, it is also based on the characteristics of different industries, using more wear-resistant, non-slip materials, taking into account the characteristics of oil, acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, Lions safety shoes have always been known for their stable and reliable quality. Of course, the times are changing, people’s concepts and hobbies are constantly changing. This requires our designers to keep pace with the times and to design more soles that can meet the demands of modern people and satisfy various functional requirements. Bottom out.

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