According to the actual situation, select experts to teach you to choose kitchen tiles.

How can I buy a tile that is worthwhile and worthy? When selecting kitchen and bathroom tiles, we must first find out the types of tiles related to kitchen and bathroom, and select them according to the needs and actual conditions. There are also several basic principles to follow in the selection.

First, before selecting the quality of a specific tile, first of all, we must determine the style and type of tiles.

1. Determine the tile style

Choosing the design style of the tile is the first step in the selection of the decoration and plays a decisive role. However, many consumers do not pay attention to the choice of ceramic tiles because of the narrow space of kitchen and bathroom. In fact, the color and decoration of ceramic tiles can affect the overall visual effect of kitchen and bathroom.

After you have decided on the entire home improvement style, choose the tiles, and different styles will have different combinations. The picture above shows the kitchen model of the ceramic shop, which can be seen as a retro European style. So after selecting the style, pick the tiles and make the decoration style of the whole home uniform.

2. Distinguish the types of tiles

After determining the style of the tile, the next step is to distinguish the type of tile. Introduction to Loulan Ceramics, the current market tiles are mainly divided into glazed tiles and polished tiles. Most of the kitchens and bathrooms use glazed tiles, and the living room mostly uses polished tiles. Only by figuring out the types of tiles can you not be fooled when choosing tiles.

3. Choose the right material

The kitchen and bathroom are both prone to water, which can cause the ground to be slippery. In order to ensure safety and health, it is best to choose a rough surface for the kitchen tiles to increase the friction and achieve the anti-slip effect. Shopping guides suggest consumers, it is best to choose a better material tile, because tile decoration and wood floor decoration is different, tile renovation is very troublesome, it is best to have a decoration in place, do not lose because of small.

Second, after determining what style of tile to choose, it begins to identify the quality of the tile.


The shopping guide tells us that the quality of the tiles should first be uniform in color, and the surface finish and flatness should be good. The glazed surface should be uniform, bright, non-spotted, glazed, and bumpy. Glazes that are not bright, bun, or have bubbles are quality problems. Second, the surrounding rules, the pattern is complete. After the consumer purchases, a few pieces can be taken from the same package to compare the defects such as chromatic aberration, deformation, lack of edges and corners.

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