Safety Protection Measures for Noise Pollution in Chemical Industry

1. The design standards for chemical construction projects and the noise control standards in the plant area shall comply with the "Code for Noise Control Design of Industrial Enterprises" (GBJ87).

2. Noise (or vibration) control design for chemical construction projects shall adopt comprehensive prevention and control measures according to the characteristics of the production process and the nature of the equipment, adopt new processes, new technologies, new equipment, and the mechanization, automation, and containment of the production process to achieve long-distance or isolation. operating.

3. Under the condition of satisfying the production, the layout of the general plan should be reasonably planned in combination with the acoustic factors, and the high noise area and the low noise area should be separately arranged, the noise pollution area should be far from the living area, and the land and buildings (structures) should be fully utilized. Other natural barriers block the propagation of noise (or vibration).

4. All types of mechanical equipment selected in chemical design shall have noise (vibration if necessary) indicators. Low noise mechanical equipment shall be used in the design. For noise sources that exceed the standard in a single design, effective noise source characteristics shall be adopted in the design. The prevention and control measures make noise (and vibration) comply with national standards and relevant regulations.

In chemical engineering design, vibration isolation and vibration isolation design shall be adopted when mechanical equipment with solid sound propagation and vibrational radiation noise caused by strong vibration or impact, or vibrations affect the operation of personnel, mechanical equipment, and the surrounding environment.

Operators operating in high-noise work areas must be provided with the necessary personal noise protection equipment, and sound-proof operation rooms should be provided if necessary.

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