Device method for bearing tight cooperation outer ring

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Device method for bearing tight cooperation outer ring

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-01-27

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When the outer ring of the imported bearing needs to be tightly cooperated; if it can be installed at room temperature, it can be installed in the same way as the inner ring interference device. If the interference is too large; it can not be installed at room temperature; The following cold-packing method or hot-packing method can be used for the device; the device can also be used by the cone method.
1) Cold-packing method puts the imported bearings in a mixture of dry ice and alcohol (or gasoline); it cools agilely; its outer diameter is shortened and it is quickly loaded into the main hole of the mainframe. Because the bearing steel usually has low temperature embrittlement tendency ; should avoid the temperature dropped below 500C. This method works well; but the cost is high; so as long as it is only necessary.
2) The hot-packing method heats the bearing housing to make the seat LB grow to facilitate the installation; this method is especially suitable for light metal bearing housings; for example, aluminum alloy bearing housings; however, the cost is still high; only when necessary Regarding the chaotic bearing housing; to avoid deformation and accuracy when heating.
3) The inclined bearing device method is large and the outer ring has a large interference bearing; for the convenience of the device; the outer ring and the bearing housing hole are made with a small taper; the device is fitted by the taper of the two sides. And use the end cover to manipulate the pushing amount of the outer ring; the interference is within the reserved range; and the frictional resistance of the end face of the end cap to the outer ring end also helps to fix the outer ring; avoiding the seizure activity. The bearing of the device is especially convenient.
Usually SKF imported bearings:
The play is usually produced according to the specification group or the C3 group; the clearance or the 蚴 段 螅 螅 螅 肷 (12) source.
6. Use special bearings for action oscillation:
Low noise; temperature rise. 榷ㄐ院茫皇褂 倜ぃ 倜ぃ 倜ぃ 缙谄 缙谄 窒 窒 @ drag 窒.
Usually bearings:
High noise; elevated temperature; poor stability; short service life; early fatigue appearance.

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