Home Security 2 Billion Highly Expected

Home Security 2 Billion Highly Expected In recent years, with the continuous application and promotion of high-definition surveillance products in the security market, civilian use of high-definition products is gradually approaching, and more and more families have begun to adopt high-definition surveillance products to “safeguard home security”. However, despite the increase in the demand for home HD monitoring, it is obvious to all people, but the current home monitoring has not yet achieved high definition as the mainstream. The family has secured 2 billion yuan worth of cakes. Thanks to smart homes, the development of home monitoring has received much attention.

Home security 2 billion market is highly anticipated According to relevant sources, China's home security market is still in its infancy. Similar to the smart home sector, many companies are exploring, but it is expected that the future market will be very large. There are about 200 million urban households in China. It is estimated that at least 5% of households will consider installing security products at home in the next five years. The average annual demand will be about 2 billion yuan.

In order to cut into the family's security as soon as possible this big "cake", domestic and foreign IT vendors from the beginning of 2012, have been extending the knife. Hyundai, the domestic manufacturer, followed up quickly. In 2012, it launched the full-featured home security product C1 and its accompanying services: the cloud video platform “Video 7” website, compatible IOS, and Android mobile terminal APP. Allows users to remotely monitor every move in the home. In addition, Haier, a maker of home appliances, launched U-HOME based on the “Smart Home” series of products, and Lenovo, the domestic first brand of computer, introduced “cloud video” and other products, all of which revealed that the “spring” of home security has arrived.

Smart home integration The important thrust of home monitoring development In addition to the promotion of large environments and backgrounds, the current integrated development of smart homes will also make home HD monitoring more and more clear.

With the further popularization of 3G mobile phones, mobile phones have become the best wireless terminal service platform. People can realize remote home monitoring through mobile phones, and such remote monitoring is basically realized through high-definition monitoring. People can access the network through the laptop with a wired or wireless connection. The home network cameras that support wired and wireless modes will take care of home care and shop visits, making HD surveillance technology more accessible to home users. This is smart home integration. An embodiment of development. In addition, home real-time high-definition image monitoring and anti-theft alarm system integration is also a major trend, home real-time high-definition image monitoring and anti-theft system requirements in the fortification, as long as someone illegally enters, immediately alarm and the real-time alarm image is sent and stored in the system, After receiving the alarm information, the user can immediately monitor the real-time image of the family through the Internet or using a mobile phone. To this end, Houxing just said that the trend of home remote monitoring in the development of high-definition home monitoring has become increasingly apparent.

However, on the current market, home remote monitoring is still not perfect in high-definition surveillance. Jiang Xidong said that because of the need for home remote monitoring with PTZ and other complete systems, unlike the professional single high-definition camera, may be playing some discounts on the high-definition, these are some of the problems to be resolved in the future home remote HD monitoring.

Home monitoring system network intelligent development The home monitoring market is extremely wide, which is not only a great test for the network environment, but also a test for high-definition surveillance cameras into millions of households. Then how will the future home monitoring system develop? The future intelligent monitoring system combines applications such as 3G, security, and intelligence. It can also flexibly combine existing value-added service systems of telecom operators, and incorporate TV entertainment, video surveillance, and videoconferencing. The integration of various services such as mobile video, visual communication, etc. is provided to users on a single platform, and the advantages of integration are utilized to meet the individual needs of users. At the same time, high-end home monitoring systems will also be more intelligent, such as video monitoring can provide advanced video intelligence analysis capabilities, including intelligent analysis of areas and boundaries, portrait recognition, tracking of people, number statistics, etc.; will also be combined with medical care, housekeeping, call, etc. Function, increase linkage alarm and security service applications. This is a good development project for all types of security companies and operators.

The network monitoring and intelligentization of home monitoring are already another height of the self-pursuit of the security industry. But the intelligence of home monitoring is based on the development of network technology and high-definition technology. With the booming development of high-definition surveillance, it is still difficult to improve the network transmission environment. The current 3G network is relatively popular, but there are various problems in the transmission of high-definition video surveillance. For example, video and audio are not synchronized, video is dropped, and video surveillance is not smooth, but 3G networks are used to transmit SD. It is completely feasible. High-definition video is often one of the important reasons why users choose network monitoring. This is one of the most important factors for the development of network monitoring. With the continuous progress of the times, 4G networks have begun to be used. Although theoretically 4G is 10 times the 3G transmission speed, there is a great improvement in the transmission of surveillance video, but there is still a certain degree of difficulty in the transmission of high-definition video.

Network monitoring in home security applications At present, home monitoring systems are more popular in Europe and the United States and other developed regions, personal video surveillance and public video surveillance, industrial video surveillance in the monitoring field has formed a tripartite situation. As we all know, home security has a double meaning: life safety and property security, so home security plays an important role in people's lives. In recent years, home network monitoring has occupied more and more shares in the security market. This is entirely based on network monitoring and has an irreplaceable advantage.

Advantage 1: Remote monitoring With the further popularization of 3G mobile phones, mobile phones have become a best wireless terminal business platform, and people can realize wireless network monitoring through mobile phones. People can access the network through the laptop with a wired or wireless connection. The home network cameras that support wired and wireless modes will take care of home care, shop inspections, and other functions, making the monitoring technology further into home users. This kind of design is very suitable for the users of the elderly and children at home, during the day, the user can always see whether the elderly is safe through the network monitoring; at night, the children sleep in the children's room, the user can see through the network video surveillance whether the child needs care .

Advantage 2: Monitoring alarm The real-time image monitoring and burglar alarm system is an important part of the home security system. The family real-time image monitoring and anti-theft system requires that when a person is illegally entered, an alarm is immediately sent and the real-time alarm image is sent and stored in the system. After receiving the alarm information, the user can immediately monitor the family's real-time image through the Internet or using a mobile phone. It is also very convenient for the host to monitor the real-time status of his family at any time without alarm information or disarming.

Advantage 3: Easy wiring and networking The advent of flexible network monitoring allows many users who do not know how to wire, and can easily use the network monitoring system. The IP network is plug-and-play, no need to dig trenches, and it is the gospel that has been renovated. The use of wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cables, and has the advantages of short installation cycle, easy maintenance and strong capacity expansion. This is more convenient and quicker for home use, reducing the appearance of wires for home decoration, and at the same time being more subtle, which is a very good choice for anti-theft, anti-nanny and so on.

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