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Five skill features of axial compressors

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First, the aerodynamic depiction of axial flow compressors uses the most advanced ternary flow theory and optimized depiction method, and selects new type cascades with high power and large indenter; successfully carried out various combinations of resistance type leaf type combination. In the same parameters Under the conditions; the newly depicted product is 1 to 2 less than the original imported product grade; the power is evenly improved by more than 5%; and the specific power of the centrifugal compressor is 10% higher.
The second is to select the leading program for rotor dynamics drawing; and put the product foundation and bearing rotor as a system for various accounting and analysis; improve the stability, safety and reliability of product work.
The third is to select the whole static leaf adjustable structure; the original static leaf conditioning viewpoint is widened from 37° to 79° to 22° to 79°; the working condition adjustment scale is expanded, and the full static blade adjustable and variable rotation speed is further studied together. Conditioning new skills; the scale of working conditions has been expanded by more than 15%; effectively avoiding the loss of power during operation and the formation of power.
Fourth, the overall layout selects a common base for user equipment debugging. The stator assembly uses a three-layer cylinder layout; improves the thermal stress distribution of the internal components of the product; improves the vibration resistance of the product; reduces the noise of the unit; The product is 5-10 dB lower.
The fifth is the use of DU alloys and graphite bearings for conditioning organizations and sliding support components; this material has outstanding oil-free self-lubricating characteristics.
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