Lock industry needs to increase technical input

Lock industry needs to increase technical input In recent years, China's hardware locks have developed rapidly and have made outstanding contributions to the development of the national economy. Statistics show that China's hardware locks industry has been developing steadily at an annual growth rate of 15%. The annual total output value has reached more than 180 billion yuan***, and exports have reached more than 8 billion US dollars. It accounts for about one-third of China's total light industry exports, ranking the top three in light industry.

The lock industry is not only a traditional industry, but also has a close connection with high and new technology. A lock may seem simple, but it must be completed through 110 processes. Only with advanced design and equipment and high-quality professionals can we produce High value-added products. For example, with the same raw materials, the quality of products processed using different molds is completely different. Luo Baihui, the secretary-general of the International Model Association pointed out that due to insufficient investment in mold design and R&D and purchase of advanced molds in China's lock industry, China's locks are either of low quality or rely on OEM production to severely restrict our locks. Industry development.

In order to get rid of the low price of locks in our country and the status quo of survival through OEM, we need to increase the investment in mold locks in order to promote the development of the lock industry in China. We have developed a batch of lock molds with high-tech content. Put into production, produce high-end locks, and promote the development of China's lock industry.

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