Media refutes genetic foods to change human genes: eat cabbage to cabbage?

At the beginning of 2014, Yuan Longping, an expert in hybrid rice, served as a guest of the People's Republic of China to support genetic modification and called it "the direction." As early as 2000, Yuan Longping established the Genetically Modified Application Research Laboratory and the Molecular Breeding Research Laboratory, recruiting dozens of senior professionals from across the country. Talent. At the same time, he sent his son Yuan Dingyang to the Chinese University of Hong Kong to specialize in genetic modification.

Chen Xiaohua, vice minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, said recently that the Ministry of Agriculture is adopting a positive and prudent approach to genetically modified products. The so-called positive is to strengthen scientific research, develop new varieties with independent intellectual property rights as soon as possible, occupy the commanding heights in this field and prevent them from being subject to others. It is prudent to ensure safety in promotion and application.

However, for some time, due to different views on genetically modified technology, the fierce battle between Fang Zhouzi and Cui Yongyuan has continued from September last year.

What's going on with GM technology? Are ordinary people eating GM foods harmful to their health?

Recently, the term "transgenic" can be said to be too hot. Even the grandfathers and aunts visiting supermarkets are talking about. Why is GM technology causing great controversy? There are even some people who worry that eating genetically modified foods will not change human genes.

Eat GM Cabbage

Can you become cabbage?

There is obviously no scientific basis for treating genetically modified foods as changing people.

Because the so-called genetically modified (GM) technology is the introduction of quality genes that have been artificially isolated and modified into the genome of organisms, thus achieving the goal of transforming organisms. Due to the introduction of foreign genes that cause changes in the traits and hereditary modifications of organisms, this technique is called artificial transgenic technology.

Using molecular biology techniques, the genes of certain organisms are transferred to crops to transform the genetic material of the organisms so that their traits, nutrient quality, and consumer quality can be transformed toward the goals needed by humans, and genetically modified crops can be obtained.

So, assuming you eat GM cabbage, how can you possibly turn it into cabbage?

In simple terms, genetically modified organisms can be referred to as genetically modified foods in their broad sense, as they are direct foods, foods processed as raw materials, and derived foods fed to livestock.

Why GM technology is controversial

However, it goes without saying that the safety of genetically modified technology has been widely questioned and the international community remains controversial.

About 2009, China's hybrid rice expert Yuan Longping said in an interview with the media: I personally believe that the government should give special consideration to the commercialization of genetically modified plants. Scientists cannot fully predict the genetic modification of organisms, which may lead to mutations and cause harm to the environment and people. Although the experiment is very mature, its possible impact on human beings may not be apparent until several generations later.

What does Yuan Longping mean by this passage? That is, the risk of genetically modified products may not be visible in the short term. For example, smoking is harmful to health. In the past, we did not know that many great people in history like to smoke. For example, Churchill preferred cigars, and Stalin loved big cigarettes. According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization, a quarter of lung cancer patients in industrially developed countries account for 90% of all smokers. Therefore, the safety of genetically modified genes still needs time to prove that it may be 20 years or longer.

Some people have more knowledge about genetically modified genes, and they also question: Is it safe to eat genetically modified Bt protein? The function of genetically modified disease resistance and insect resistance comes from the toxic protein gene. The worm will die if it eats. What if people eat it? In fact, Bt protein itself has no toxicity, but there is a special protein on the intestinal wall of Lepidoptera larvae. It likes to bind with Bt protein. With this combination, the intestinal wall is perforated and the insects die. Therefore, the transgenic Bt protein has an insect-resistant effect.

Yan Yan, a professor of biology and microbiology at South Dakota State University in the United States, said that if the genetically modified Bt protein produced by the U.S.-produced transgenic Bt corn is currently eaten, it should be safe for most people. Because it has been rigorously tested, it has been shown to be generally non-toxic to humans and animals within a reasonable dose. Of course, if you want to eat too much, what you eat is harmful, even if it is ginseng bird's nest.

Yuan Longping said that the public is in doubt about this. We must be cautious about transgenes such as transmissible protein genes, and we must invest in complete trials before they can enter the market.

Yuan Longping, who has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion because of support for genetically modified technology, said: "Transgenic technology cannot be generalized, and the molecular development technology of genetically modified technology will become the future direction of agricultural technology." He is studying the transfer of maize genes to rice. The photosynthetic efficiency can be increased by 30% to 50%, which can greatly increase production. Li Yuzhi

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