How to use book security detector

How to use book security detector The open management of the library reflects the library's progress in adapting to the development of the times in terms of facilitating readers' freedom of choice, improving the utilization rate of reading books, and improving the efficiency of library work. At the same time, however, the shortcomings of the open shelf service-- Dropping books and tearing pages is also a prominent problem in management. How to give full consideration to the characteristics of open-shelf services in library layout, give full play to its superiority, and take all kinds of auxiliary measures to reduce the inconvenience caused by open-shelf services, is a topic worthy of discussion for every library worker.

As a direct and effective preventive measure, the electromagnetic wave library anti-theft system has been widely recognized by the library in practice.

Anti-theft book system work steps:

1 Paste the library anti-theft consumables - magnetic strips in the gap between books, security is very good 2 in the library's lending access or the general entrance and exit installation of books anti-theft antenna 3 books for the normal handling of the loan through a dedicated degaussing device to disable the magnetic stripe Delivered from the side of the anti-theft antenna, borrowed and completed.

4 books that have not been properly processed (books with magnetic stripe) After passing through the exit, the book anti-theft antenna detects the non-demagnetized books and issues an acousto-optic alarm, and the borrower renews the borrowing procedures.

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