Relay protection device operation and maintenance and calibration cycle and project

I. Precautions for the operation and maintenance of relay protection devices 1. To detect abnormal phenomena during operation, monitoring should be strengthened and the competent authority should be immediately reported.

2. After the relay protection device operates and the circuit breaker trips, check the protection device's operation and identify the reason. Before resuming power transmission, all drop signals should be returned.

3. In the overhaul work, if it involves the line protection device that the power supply department regularly inspects, it should contact the power supply department.

4. On-duty personnel's operation of the protection device is generally limited to turning on or off the pressure plate, switching the switch, and unloading the melt.

5. All operations performed on the secondary circuit shall comply with the relevant provisions of the “Working Safety Regulations for Electric Power Industry”.

6. The operation of the secondary circuit shall be based on the drawings of the field equipment and shall not be operated solely based on memory.

Second, to improve the reliability of relay protection measures 1. Use high quality, reliable relays and other components.

2. Guarantee the quality of installation and commissioning of relay protection devices and carry out acceptance according to the regulations.

3. Strengthen daily maintenance and management so that the protection device is always in good condition to ensure the normal operation of the protection device.

4. Determine the correct and reasonable protection plan, according to the requirements of the system for reasonable design and development of wiring diagrams.

Third, the relay protection device calibration cycle and check the content of the provisions of 1. In order to ensure that the relay protection device in the power system when the fault can be reliable action, the relay and secondary circuit in operation should be regularly verified . Normally, relay protection devices for 10kV power systems should be verified once every two years; for users with high reliability requirements for power supply and users with 35kV and above, relay protection devices should be calibrated once a year.

2. After the relay protection device is reformed, replaced, overhauled, and accidents occurred, additional verification should be performed.

3. The transformer gas protection device should be calibrated when the transformer is overhauled.

4. The gas relays are generally checked once every three years and aeration test is conducted every year.

5. The verification content of the relay protection device includes:

(1) Check the mechanical parts and conduct electrical characteristics tests.

(2) Measure the insulation resistance of the secondary circuit.

(3) Secondary circuit electrification test.

(4) Perform the entire group of motion tests.

(5) Other tests determined based on the modification, replacement of the protective device and accident conditions.

Fourth, the relay protection device must be disabled when the following serious defects 1. The setting value does not meet the requirements.

2. Inflexible actions or refusal actions.

3. The important parts (such as bearings, contacts, coils, etc.) are damaged, and the short-circuit test part does not exit the operation.

4. The annual inspection test failed.

5. There are welding joints phenomenon, the coil has broken strands, short circuit and other phenomena.

6. There is an error in the protection circuit wiring, such as the parallel connection of the relay and the meter, and the meter switch in the secondary circuit.

7. Grounding occurs in the secondary system, the operating voltage is lower than 85% of the rated value or the fuse is in poor contact. 8. The gas protection device of the large transformer has not been put into operation.

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