Overview of Characteristics of Driving Lines in Operation

The trolley line is a very important type of auxiliary equipment in many high-altitude operations. In practical applications, what kind of features does this type of equipment have?

The first is in the safety and stability of the trolley line itself. As a special equipment that needs to provide safety and fire protection for our high-altitude operations, the trolley wire itself must also have good stability and safety, so that it can ensure the reliability of our actual use to a greater extent and thus help We are better able to complete related operations.

The second is the advantage of anti-corrosion performance of the trolley rails. In some special fields of application, the trolley line must be eroded by the outside world or other materials in the construction environment. At this time, if it is said that the trolley line does not have good anti-corrosion performance, it will not only "make it difficult to protect itself", but it will also have a holistic effect on our related projects. Therefore, at the time of development, we strictly controlled the material and the application of the anti-corrosive coating in the later period, so that the anti-corrosion standards of such appliances were better controlled.

Third, the trolley line also has high temperature resistance. For the actual use of the trolley line, there must be some high-temperature environment, so that having a certain degree of enduring the effects of high temperature erosion is very useful for us to better utilize the related value advantages of these facilities. necessary.

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