See how British female artists create "fairy tales on paper"

Have you ever imagined that fairy tales can not only be painted on Yueran paper, but can also be brought to life on "Yueran paper"? British female artist Su Blackwell has a whimsy to depict fairy tales with scissors and turned fairy tale books into three-dimensional paper art The work adds a little more fantasy and wonder to the world of fairy tales.

British female artist Su Blackwell is good at using second-hand books with superb paper-cutting skills. On the one hand, she cuts the highlights of the story into different three-dimensional scenes, and on the other hand turns the second-hand books into a fine art.

Su's childhood was lonely, most of the time alone. Therefore, Su especially loves Andersen ’s fairy tales, attracted by the deep meaning and sad atmosphere in the story, just like one of Su ’s works cut from Andersen ’s “Old House”. Su built a house, installed small light bulbs, and when lit, he would see an old man sitting in a chair leaning against the stove silhouette, and the light smoke from the chimney was formed by the words on the pages of the book. Cut into.

Su Blackwell works

The editor-in-chief report of Suzhou GO Jiaju


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