Demystifying the "defects" of the intercom system!

First, anti-jamming capability: Anti-jamming is currently a headache for the building intercom industry. In terms of product quality, anti-jamming capability is urgently needed, especially in some areas where thunderstorms occur frequently. In the field construction, improper selection of wires and irregular wiring may also cause various interference problems. Therefore, it needs to attract widespread attention from product suppliers and construction parties.

Second, the cost reduction: In 2007, the supply chain of a domestic display module supplier breaks, is an impact on all intercom manufacturers, it caused price increases. This year, with the increase in the use of color intercom and the continuous enrichment of product features, “whether prices will rise” has become a buyer's heart disease.

Third, the signal attenuation: usually video amplifiers to solve the problem, but at the same time lead to distortion problems. If the wire is not properly selected, signal attenuation will occur.

Fourth, humanized design: mainly refers to the user interface of the operating interface, including indoor units, door machines, etc., buyers want the product to try to operate as a fool, so that children and the elderly are easy to understand and easy to operate, such as: voice prompts during operation, Family messages, etc.; screen graphics interface more abundant, not just text prompts.

Fifth, better quality: The main color display is the clarity, color, saturation and other issues. According to purchasers, some manufacturers choose some used screens to save production costs. Developers and contractors do not know. Normally, there will be no problems within one year. You may want to replace all of these displays after one year.

Sixth, networking function: The bus and TCP/IP can be networked. The bus is still the mainstream at present, the networking function is relatively simple, and the transmission distance is limited, which is unfavorable to large-scale networking.

VII. Compatibility/standardization: Due to the incompatibility of audio/video codec algorithms, cabling standards, communication protocols, and interfaces, compatibility/standardization issues have plagued buyers. This part is still subject to relevant departments to promote the development of relevant standards.

Eight, audio and video transmission delay: mainly in the TCP / IP networking, vendors should continue to optimize in terms of algorithms, so that faster transmission speed and audio and video quality.

Nine, noise control and echo cancellation: The main voice processing technology still needs to optimize the company's algorithms, while the processor needs to provide more flexible and powerful voice support.

X. Integrate more functions: Some users think that the intercom products can only abide by their responsibilities, the simpler the function, the better; and some users want to integrate more functions. In this regard, manufacturers should seek truth from facts and correctly guide users' sense of procurement.

Hose Couplings can connect the hoses to hoses; also can be connected to nozzles,

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Hose couplings, as per the different countries standard, include BS Couplings,storz couplings, US couplings,Japan couplings,Italy couplings and Russia couplings etc,.

As per the different size, include small size coupling and big size couplings.

As per the different materials, include brass coupling and aluminum couplings.


Hose Couplings

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