Giant Wheel Intelligent RV Reducer Receives New Breakthrough in National Patent Robot Core Parts

Giant Wheel Intelligence announced on the evening of December 28 that the company's "an industrial robot (69.350, -0.70, -1.00%) RV reducer" recently obtained a utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. In addition, the company's "manufacturing process for a robot RV reducer spline eccentric shaft" and "an industrial robot RV reducer" were also accepted, and are awaiting a trial proposal. The above results mark a new breakthrough in the research and development of the company's core components.

The RV reducer is one of the three core components of industrial robots. At present, the speed reducers in the Chinese market are generally dependent on imports. Due to the complicated structure of the RV reducer and the difficulty in processing, it is necessary for companies with years of experience in precision machining to master. The design and manufacture of the reducer involves heat treatment of materials, micro-processing of parts, precision assembly and other technologies that require long-term experience to explore and accumulate, and the technical barriers are extremely high.

Most of the RV reducers currently used on the market are imported from abroad. Ordinary RV reducers are often complicated in structure, large in size, difficult to process, and require many problems in design, high cost, and generated between components. The friction and wear are large, and the gap is also large, so the transmission performance is poor, the transmission efficiency is low, and the service life is short, which seriously restricts the development of China's robot and equipment industry.

Since its inception in 1986, the RV reducer has become an indispensable core component for the reliable and precise operation of industrial robots. It is a reduction transmission machine that uses the principle of planetary transmission and uses cycloidal needle meshing. It has a compact structure and small size. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, large transmission ratio, high bearing capacity, strong applicability, large safety and reliability, and the like, and is widely applied to mechanical deceleration devices of industrial machinery, automatic packaging, precision medical instruments and the like in many industries and fields.

After years of investment and research and development, Giant Wheel Intelligent has gradually mastered the core technology of RV reducer and continuously upgraded its technology. Based on the original technology accumulation, it successfully developed a new RV reducer, which has reduced friction consumption, reduced heat generation and improved output efficiency. Reduce total cost, increase reliability and extend product life. The giant wheel intelligence obtained the patent authorization of RV reducer, which will strengthen the core intellectual property foundation of the company's intelligent equipment and add technical support to the company's think tank construction.

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