Clearly analyze the operation and maintenance of cloud computing data center

In the data center life cycle, data center operation and maintenance management is the last and longest phase in the data center life cycle. The data center operation and maintenance management is to provide information system services that meet the requirements, and to systematically plan, organize, coordinate, and control the data center management objects related to the information system service. It is the information system service related management work. The general term. Data center operation and maintenance management is mainly responsible for the following important goals: compliance, availability, economy, and service.

Due to the requirements of flexible cloud computing, flexible and rapid expansion, reduced operation and maintenance costs, automated resource monitoring, and multi-tenant environment, in addition to the conventional ITIL operation and maintenance concept based on ITIL, the following aspects of operation and maintenance management also require us to: Focused analysis and attention.

Clear the cloud computing data center operation and maintenance objects

Data center operation and maintenance management refers to the general term of management work related to data center information services. The cloud computing data center operation and maintenance objects can be divided into five categories:

(1) The engine room environment infrastructure section. This mainly refers to the network communications, power resources, and environmental resources necessary to ensure the normal operation of the equipment managed by the data center. This part of the device is almost transparent to the user, because most users do not basically pay attention to the hot wind power of the data center. However, accidents of this type of equipment are fatal to the applications that rely on the infrastructure.

(2) Various devices applied in the process of providing IT services, including hardware resources such as storage, servers, network devices, and security devices. This type of device provides functions such as calculation, storage, and communication in providing IT services to users. It is the most direct physical carrier for IT services.

(3) System and data, including software resources such as operating systems, databases, middleware, and application programs; as well as various data such as business data, configuration files, and logs. Although this type of management object is not as "visible and tangible" as the first two types of management objects, it is the logical carrier of IT services.

(4) Management tools, including infrastructure monitoring software, monitoring software, workflow management platform, reporting platform, messaging platform, etc. Such management objects are hardware and software facilities that help management entities more efficiently manage various management objects in the data center and assume some of the management functions in management activities. Through these tools, you can intuitively experience and verify how the data center manages its directly related resources, thereby indirectly improving availability and reliability.

(5) Personnel, including data center technicians, operation and maintenance personnel, management personnel, and vendor personnel who provide services. On the one hand, the personnel are responsible for managing the data center operation and maintenance objects as the subject of management. On the other hand, they also serve as management objects and support the operation of IT. Different from other O&M objects, this type of object has a strong subjective initiative. Its management will directly affect the entire operation and maintenance management system, not just the O&M object itself.

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