Analysis of Working Principle of Intelligent Monitoring High-speed Smart Ball

In real life, due to the fast and flexible rotation of the high-speed ball and the wide-range zoom, the application field is very broad. The areas covered include buildings, transportation, mining, environmental protection, administrative agencies, sports venues, and universities. Need to install the camera.

One of the biggest features of high-speed dome surveillance cameras is that the body can rotate at high speed. Through the intelligent software behind the scenes to automatically track and identify the monitoring object, to achieve a very high intelligence.

When you enter a highly secure area, you will find numerous high-speed dome cameras spinning around to stare at you. So, what are the necessary requirements for high-speed dome surveillance cameras to allow it to complete monitoring?

The first is high-definition, because in the world of high-speed ball, a lot of intelligent software has been installed, such as automatic tracking and recognition software. The most familiar feature is facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technology is based on the contours of the face to identify, if the camera's requirements can not meet the requirements of high-definition, can not see the face, talk about intelligent recognition? Therefore, the speed dome in high-speed ball monitoring must be high definition.

Secondly, in application, high-speed domes are generally rarely deployed on a large scale. This is related to his cost and characteristics. The cost of a high-speed dome surveillance camera is more expensive than the cost of a typical surveillance camera. In terms of its characteristics, a high-speed ball can be rotated 360 degrees. The scope of monitoring in a deployment area is very wide, and it does not require excessive monitoring to assist monitoring.

Since high-speed ball surveillance cameras have so many advantages, isn't it perfect for surveillance? The answer is negative, in fact, there is a very obvious weakness in high-speed ball surveillance cameras.

When the high-speed ball rotates at high speed, the monitor screen becomes unclear. However, if the picture is enlarged during high-speed rotation, the definition of the monitor picture is more affected. Currently in the industry to solve this problem, Tianjin Yaan Technology has proposed a very good solution: apply the technology of automatic camera slowing down to high-speed ball. When we watch normally, the speed dome maintains the original high speed, and when the camera zooms in, it does not need to be as fast. When zooming in to a certain multiple, the speed of our dome camera will automatically slow down accordingly.

This solution is a very good solution. Through technology, it solves the problem that the high-speed ball cannot be clearly seen at high speed on the physical level. In the present situation, high-speed rotation cannot work under the premise of clarity. Different from the current most feasible method.

High-speed ball, to be precise at high speeds, can achieve the monitoring effect. Otherwise, the significance of high-speed monitoring cameras is not significant.

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