Centrifugal fault repair two cases (a)

With the development of biological sciences, centrifuges have become one of the necessary equipment for laboratories. Due to the high speed of the centrifuge and the high usage rate, the failure rate is high. The maintenance procedures for the two common faults are described below for reference by peers.

Failure of a TGL16B centrifuge panel display is normal, the centrifuge does not turn TGL16B centrifuge is a product of Hunan Kaida Science Instrument Co., Ltd., the maximum speed of the centrifuge is 16,000 rev / min. When the power is turned on and the centrifuge panel is normal, that is, when the preset centrifugal time and rotation speed are normal, the panel display is normal, but after pressing the start button, although the fluorescence digital tube has a rotational speed reading, the centrifuge is seen from the observation hole at the top of the centrifuge. The turning head did not turn!

Disconnect the power supply, disassemble the centrifuge, measure the two brush leads with a multimeter, and the pointer of the multimeter does not deflect. Further inspections revealed that the motor rotor had more carbon deposits, and the brushes were seriously worn. Ease the carbon deposit on the rotor with a fine emery cloth, then wipe the rotor clean with an alcohol-free cotton ball and replace the worn out electricity. Brush, and then use a multimeter to measure the two brush lead end, multimeter pointer deflection, while turning the rotor by hand, the pointer multimeter steady and jitter-free, indicating that the motor rotor is normal, and good contact with the brush. After the above repairs, the machine is restarted and the centrifuge is all normal.

After the centrifuge is repaired, in order to verify the rotation speed, a speed reflective sheet may be attached to the upper part of the rotor cover slightly offset from the center, and the rotational speed may be measured with an (infrared non-contact) tachometer to confirm whether the rotation speed of the rotor is in accordance with the actual rotation speed. This method can also be used to verify the rotation speed of the centrifuge in question, because the rotation speed is the most important parameter of the centrifuge experiment.

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