Network HD Camera vs. SDI Camera

In terms of video quality, both SDI cameras and HD network cameras can reach the 720P/1080P level. Even SDI cameras can provide higher transmission frame rates. Generally, they can achieve real-time image acquisition of 30-60 frames per second. Moreover, SDI cameras have higher definition images, higher resolution, and richer colors, which can meet the high-definition monitoring needs of users. At present, as a surveillance equipment specifically for the high-end security market, SDI cameras have a relatively good application prospect in some special industries because of their superior quality in image quality and relatively simple system architecture.

However, SDI cameras and HD network cameras have room for improvement in terms of basic functions such as low illumination and wide dynamics. The SDI camera now uses more CCD imaging chips. The CCD sensor has better sensation than CMOS. Relatively speaking, the monitoring effect at night is better. The photosensitivity of the existing high-definition image sensor is not ideal, and the image captured in the dark scene at night is not good. Therefore, it is very important to effectively improve the performance of the image sensor. In addition to improving the low-light performance of the light-sensitive chips, infrared technology, thermal imaging and other technologies are now used to obtain the desired image effects, thereby improving the night-time monitoring effect and making 24-hour monitoring more perfect and more efficient.

In addition, the most important thing is that the transmission distance of SDI cameras is very limited, and it can only transmit about 100 meters. The network camera can transmit only by relying on the network, which is the biggest difference between the two. Not only that, because of the large amount of data collected by the front-end SDI camera, its transmission process is not compressed by the codec, posing a great challenge for data storage. However, HD network cameras use H.264 compression algorithm, which can save transmission bandwidth and storage space.

In summary, SDI cameras and network HD cameras have their own application areas and focuses. They are complementary rather than replacing relationships. If the SDI camera wants to obtain a large application space, the transmission distance may be a bottleneck. Therefore, the transmission distance of the SDI camera needs to be broken. Only by continuously satisfying the needs of users, can the SDI camera have a broader development prospect. For the re-optimization of the network camera video compression algorithm, both high picture quality and low bit rate are still the focus of its performance improvement. Then, whether it is an SDI camera or a network camera (SD or HD), the basic high performance that cameras with low illumination, wide dynamics, etc. should have is a continuous improvement.

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