Comprehensive analysis of the classification and use of molded door panels

With the maturity of the domestic fine decoration market and the reduction of valuable wood in the international market, the composite solid wood doors and cabinet doors produced by molded door panels are increasingly favored by consumers around the world, leading to a promising market for molded doors, especially those who are brave in innovation. Enterprise? So molded door panels have been so popular in the past two years. What are its uses and classifications?

Molded door panels may not be well understood by many people, but they are especially common in our home life. Molded door panels are a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, non-cracking, non-deformable door panel. Molded door panels often occupy most of the market as cabinet doors, and their status is increasingly consolidated. Molded door panels, also known as plastic door panels, will take you to see the classification and use of molded door panels today.

Molded door panel classification: according to the production process

Many people are very particular about the door panels at home. The styles of molded doors are also diverse. More and more consumers choose to mold the door panels. What are the classifications of molded door panels?

1) One-time molded door panel

One-time molding of the door panel means that in the production process, it can be used as a door panel technology by simply pressing the mold once. The process is relatively simple and can save production cost, but the quality of the finished product is relatively poor, and the foaming phenomenon is more than two. Sub-molded molded door panels.

2) Secondary molded molded door panel

The double-molded molded door panel refers to a molded door panel which is firstly pressed with a medium-density board or a high-density board, and then manually attached to the skin veneer for the second embossing. It has the advantage of being deeper than the one-time molded door panel, and the foaming phenomenon is less than that of one molding molded door panel and the quality of the finished product is more stable than that of the one-time molded door panel.

Molded door panel classification: by door type

1) Solid wood veneer molded door panel

Solid wood veneer molded door panel refers to the molded door panel of natural wood veneer such as ash, black walnut, rosewood and sapele. It is the mainstay of molded door panel and is occupied by its ecological composite solid wood door. More than 50% of the entire door industry consumer market.

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