Development of APP System for Tehuobao Live Broadcast

Find the development of Tebaohuo Live Shopping Mall system | T: I3Z, V2949, Dian 4OIO Tang 丨, Tebaohuo Live Shopping Mall APP development, Tebaohu Live Shopping Mall platform development, Tebaohu Live Shopping Mall software system development, Tebaohu Live Shopping Mall The development of source code APP system, and the development of the special hug live broadcast mall model.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the repressed consumption in the early stage will be continuously released in the later period and will be compensated to a certain extent. New Internet-related consumption such as live broadcasts and goods will be more powerful. The data from the report of the China Consumers Association shows that the scale of the live broadcast e-commerce market has reached 433.8 billion yuan in 2019, and the total size of the industry will continue to expand in 2020. Since 2016, the "livestream-e-commerce" online shopping drainage method is now accelerating due to the epidemic, and it is attracting more and more consumers to place orders for shopping by watching the webcast.

A group of live broadcast platforms fell, and a group of unicorns were born. As live broadcast platforms and users grow up, more and more young people use live video to record events and express ideas. After the rise of short video, some people said that the live broadcast might be cold. Then it turned out that it was not the live broadcast that was going to be cold, but the symbiotic relationship. Live vs short video, to be more precise, live + short video. Domestic and foreign giants are making efforts to socialize live broadcast products,

Te Huobao uses live broadcast e-commerce as its entry point, and uses WeChat live broadcast to reduce the pressure on capital and manpower for small and medium-sized businesses, help businesses transform and upgrade in the 5G era, and help more entrepreneurs enjoy the economic dividends brought by live broadcasting. At the same time, the platform also provides consumers with preferential, innovative and practical product information to achieve a win-win situation for all three parties. It is the mutual benefits that are mutually beneficial.

Live broadcast e-commerce opens up scene interactions and sales behaviors to provide users with a shopping experience while watching and buying, especially the ability to question and answer product information to the anchor in real time, and to interact with other users in real time, which has become the major advantage that most users believe in shopping on the live broadcast platform. Create a good shopping atmosphere through real-time interactive tools such as likes, rewards, gifts and comments.

1. Details of the special hug app function:

1. Using the search function, enter the product name to find the target product.

2. Browse the recommended product information and select satisfactory products to purchase online.

3. Click to share product information to various social platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.

4. The system classifies commodity resources in detail according to type.

5. Enter the discovery section to see the promotion of various commodity information.

6. You can post the news online to help the store promote the product information.

7. Open the order to query the logistics information and see the current delivery situation.

Second, the advantages of the special hug app:

1. Massive global commodity resources to meet all life needs of users.

2. The product quality is guaranteed, the selling price is lower than the market price, and the price is good.

3. Coupons are given away from time to time, and each user has the opportunity to get a coupon.

4. Recommend the best goods in the shop of the selected shop owner, rest assured to buy the guarantee value for money.

5. Push commodity logistics information in real time and grasp the location information of delivery personnel with one hand.

As a new format for internet sales and publicity, live broadcast goods are sought after by many consumers. The reason for its rapid development is that on the one hand, the cost of acquiring customers on e-commerce platforms has increased. I want to use the live broadcast model to promote drainage and reduce the number of customers. Cost; on the other hand, live streaming can quickly stimulate consumers' desire to buy and increase sales. In addition, the brand "live" KLO can achieve mutual benefit and win-win. After the rapid growth period of live broadcast e-commerce, it is now in the stage of remodeling, and the resources of the anchor and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain need to be further integrated. Relatively unified standards are needed to coordinate the division of labor and connection between industry roles, so as to standardize the industry and improve overall efficiency and quality.

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