Recent changes and developments in the furniture industry

With the development of the furniture industry, many companies are constantly exploring ways out. Problems such as brand building, product improvement, and enterprise transformation are flooding. With such rapid development, how can companies keep up with the times?

Increased brand concentration

      The expansion of branded furniture stores reached its peak in recent years. It is good to form a chain expansion cooperation relationship with the store, and the "bundle" relationship of the high-quality partners of the store. In recent years, with the expansion of the store, the local furniture companies have gradually moved to the country along with the store. Furniture brands with rich regional characteristics have also begun to be known by the Chinese.

High-quality home stores bring well-known brands to the whole country. With the expansion of furniture brands, correspondingly, the brand concentration is also increasing.

The industry believes that after the competition in the past few years, the furniture industry has formed an obvious first legion and second legion. "5% of the national enterprises are leading, 30% -40% are following, and some will struggle to enter the first legion. The remaining 30% -40% will be more painful to follow up, and the remaining part has retired. As the industry competition intensifies, the process of brand concentration will become more obvious.

Appearance patents are more valued

The development of Chinese furniture is, in the words of industry insiders, an early stage of "learning and learning", "previously branded companies have also copied", and where can we talk about the protection of appearance patent rights. However, in the past two or three years, when participating in furniture exhibitions , there was a phenomenon of “kick the pavilion ” due to patent disputes. Old and well-known enterprises have brought other well-known enterprises to court and other incidents have occurred. According to industry insiders, complaints to the store due to appearance patent disputes have also occurred frequently in the past two years.

Industry insiders attributed this phenomenon to the growth of the brand and increased competition. "In the past, the competition was not so fierce. Everyone did their own thing, even if there was plagiarism, it was not too direct and basically safe." Gao Fei, executive director of Futaba Furniture Group, believes that with the adherence to the original and self-developed corporate brand awareness With the increase, the market share is gradually expanding, and it is inevitable that there will be positive contact with the infringing company, and "it will be directly injured". The president of a furniture company in Beijing believes that plagiarism of some brand enterprises with R & D capabilities can not be tolerated. "This is very unfavorable for the development of the entire industry."

The rise of personalized brands

The diversification and personalized demands of the consumer market have brought great changes to the furniture industry. In addition to some popular mass brands, various types of furniture in the market have begun to subdivide, and well-known brands have also emerged in the subdivided areas. At the same time, it has also led to the rise of some personalized niche brands, such as focusing on new Chinese styles. Ronglin Shijia and Fuyi Furniture , which are good at European and American furniture , are very popular.

The staff who have been engaged in store investment and management for a long time are deeply touched: with the subdivision of the decoration style and the individualization of demand, the style of the furniture industry is becoming more and more prominent. Small units may require freshness, simplicity, and high practicality, and large units may require beautiful comfort. Mediterranean, romantic pastoral, Korean, European and American ... The more personalized the demand, the more and more subdivision of style.

In the style subdivision, some more subdivided niche brands "the brand is not large, the output is not high, the personalization is particularly obvious, the store area requirements are not large, but there is a fixed group of customers to buy, and the life is very moist." . Zhu Changling also believes that with the diversification and personalization of the consumer market, such changes in the furniture industry are inevitable, "all kinds of emerging models will appear."

Consumer hot spots are gradually shifting

A few years ago, panel furniture was a well-deserved sales force. However, with the increasing awareness of consumers' environmental protection and the pursuit of the "natural" department, solid wood furniture is more popular in the mid-to-high-end market.

At present, the mainstream of consumption in the high-end market is solid wood furniture, followed by panel furniture. European and American furniture is not limited by the base area of ​​the house, but the total value is relatively high. The mahogany furniture has also been a hot spot in recent years. In the past, panel furniture dominated the world, but at present, European, American, solid wood, and niche brands have emerged, showing a state of diversified consumption.

Under this influence, Yifeng, Qiangli and other old-fashioned panel furniture have also launched solid wood series. Industry insiders analyzed that this is not only related to consumers' consumption habits, but also to the dilution of the profit of panel furniture and the higher profit margin of other categories of furniture.

Independent store or trend

All along, except for a few furniture brands such as Qumei, which have been independent of stores, most furniture brands still focus on setting up stores in stores. But since 2011, some independent furniture stores have gradually appeared on the Beijing market. Display a more comprehensive product range with a large area.

Independent stores can better display corporate products, design and culture, and have more vitality and prospects, which is the future development trend. In the future, the development of stores to home squares and the development of furniture to independent stores and specialty stores is an irreversible trend.

Although it is unclear whether independent stores will be the future development trend, industry insiders believe: "Independent stores are the product of the development of the industry to a stage." Said that with the enhancement of corporate strength and product quality, in order to increase brand influence It will open the store independently of the store. "This is a process of brand growth." This form of independent store is good for the brand's quality, reputation, and brand marketing. It is foreseeable that with the continuous improvement of brand awareness and enhancement of strength, there will be brands building independent stores outside the store in the future, which will not only display products more systematically and comprehensively, but also get rid of a certain degree of shackles.

E-commerce has pioneers

E-commerce is a development trend in the future is the consensus of the industry, but when and how to do it is still a big problem that puzzles the industry. Many companies are still in the groping stage: services, distribution, and conflicts with distributors brought by e-commerce are still being carefully studied and demonstrated. Transparency, standardization and distribution profit distribution are all issues that should be considered. Zhao Ruihai, who has explored for some time, reflected that e-commerce is more about breaking through the bottleneck of thinking and providing the required products from the user's perspective. If e-commerce breaks away from traditional channels and becomes a completely independent model, the market now does not have such conditions. How to break the e-commerce puzzle in the furniture industry is still a big issue in the future.

Fierce market competition

The large environment is the financial crisis in Europe and the United States, and the domestic economic growth has slowed down. The small environment is the government's policy control of the real estate market. The transaction volume of the real estate market has fallen again and again. The "money" furniture company was shocked that "this kind of day is not always there." (Editor: Peter)

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