Five criteria for using lawn herbicides

Now that the end of the year, lawn weeding problems will be put on the agenda, then how to choose lawn herbicides ? China Pesticide Network reminds: lawn herbicide selection needs to meet five major standards:

According to the treatment period, choose herbicides reasonably:

Turf herbicides can be divided into pre-emergence herbicides and post-emergence herbicides. Pre-emergence herbicides are also called "soil treatment herbicides", and post-emergence herbicides are also called "weed foliage treatment herbicides". Foliar treatment herbicides are further divided into early post-emergence treatment agents and post-emergence treatment agents. Pre-emergence herbicides are generally applied before weed buds, including before and after turf, and generally should not be used before buds. If the pre-emergence herbicide is applied after the lawn is laid, the grass should be removed first. Post-emergence herbicides are recommended for early use after weed seedlings. The post-emergence herbicide is not effective after weeding, and the post-emergence herbicide generally has no post-control effect.

Choose a herbicide based on the type of lawn:

For cold-season transplanted turf, pre-emergence herbicides can be used before transplanting, and warm-season transplanted turf can be sprayed before or after transplanting. In the growing season, the grass can be removed first. Qilin® warm grass removes weeds; for live turf, whether it is cold season or warm season live turf, pre-emergence herbicides can be used before sowing or post-emergence treatments can be used after pingping. Pre-sowing medication generally requires the application of the drug to the 7-30 day interval to ensure that the herbicide has no effect on the germination and emergence of the grass seed, so that the grass grows normally after germination. It is particularly noteworthy that herbicides with long-lasting residuals such as tribenuron, metsulfuron-methyl, chlorhexidine, etc., have long residual effects in the soil, have used such herbicide lawns, and sown early in 2-3 years. Grass species do not germinate, if the spray on the tall fescue of Chengping, it will cause yellowing, whitening and even death of the lawn, which deserves attention.

Use herbicides according to different growth stages of weeds

Each weed has a sensitive period of herbicide. It is best to prevent turf weeds before the damage is caused. When the weeds have caused harm, the growth of the weeds is very large, and the resistance to herbicides is greatly enhanced. The early herbicides are not effective at all. When the best weed control effect is achieved, for some perennial weeds with underground bulbs and other underground reproductive organs, the best period for applying post-emergence foliage herbicides is during the transition from vegetative growth to reproductive growth of weeds. If the herbicide is used to control the aconite, the aconite should be seized at the 7-9 leaf stage. It is recommended to use the aconite root to prevent fragrant aconite.

Meteorological conditions should be considered when applying herbicides:

High temperature and good weeding effect. Especially in the post-emergence foliar treatment herbicide, the temperature should be fully exerted when the temperature is above 18 °C. Therefore, the temperature should be considered when using the medicine; when it is raining, it is beneficial to improve the effect of the soil treatment herbicide. Rainfall after applying the herbicide can extend the herbicide's effective period, so when using the soil to treat the herbicide, pay attention to the weather forecast, preferably before the rain. Most herbicides require a certain amount of light for their efficacy. When using drugs, they should choose a period of strong light. Some herbicides, such as trifluralin, should be poured into the topsoil immediately after spraying the soil surface. See photodisintegration failure to ensure the use of herbicides.

It is not advisable to use herbicides that produce odors:

The lawn is a place for people to watch and relax. Keep fresh air on the lawn. For example, if you use isoproturon, dimethyltetrachloride or chloromeron, it will produce a pungent smell. If used on the lawn, the sky above the lawn will be stinky and should not be used on the lawn.

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