Ten tips for safety precautions during Spring Festival travel

1. Bring valuables with you. Don't leave your luggage, especially valuables, to the care of people you don't know while riding the bus, to prevent lawbreakers from getting rich and taking the lead.

2. Don't talk about personal information. When chatting and chatting with people you do n’t know, do n’t easily tell others your mobile phone number, home address, and home phone, to prevent criminals from making up lie in the name of their fellow villagers, such as “something happened to a car accident outside, sudden hospitalization for serious illness” and other lies. Swindle money from your home.

3. Be vigilant in eating and drinking. Do not eat or drink beverages or food provided by people you do n’t know, to prevent criminals from taking the opportunity to carry out anesthesia and robbery.

4. Keep your luggage as far as possible. After getting on the bus, put your luggage as far as possible on the luggage rack that you can see or beside the seat to prevent others from taking it by mistake or being stolen.

Fifth, the rest of the journey must be rotated. Especially passengers in hard seats should close their windows at night and try not to sleep. For example, two or more people can take turns to rest and take care of their luggage while taking care of each other to prevent criminals from stealing property while sleeping.

6. Don't hang clothes casually. Do not hang clothes and purses with wallets and mobile phones on coat hooks or around car windows and coffee tables. Keep wallets and mobile phones out of the way to prevent them from being targeted by criminals.

7. Getting in and out of the station is not crowded. When entering or leaving the station, getting on or off the bus, or where people are concentrated, you must obey the order and do not get crowded. Keep your wallet and mobile phone with you to prevent thieves from committing crimes.

8. Don't believe the "pie" in the sky. Don't believe the rhetoric of others in the ride, and don't be tempted by the lie of "pick up your wallet and share the money", because there is never a good thing in the sky.

9. Buy food and find a regular salesperson. Do not buy foods sold by non-rail salesmen at will, to prevent food poisoning caused by mildew.

10. Purchase real-name tickets must go to the designated ticket office. Do not buy tickets from private or private sellers; once you find that you have bought fake tickets, high-priced tickets, or found that the property has been stolen, scammed, robbed, and other suspicious circumstances, you should quickly report to the station police or train police.

Black metal industry standard of the People's Republic of China: Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode (YB/T 4090-2000) "regulation of the ultra High Power Graphite Electrode shape, size and allow deviation, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule, packing, marking, storage, transportation and quality certificate. It is applicable to high - power Graphite Electrode, which is made of high quality needle coke as the main raw material, which is made of molding, roasting, impregnating, graphitization and machining.

Graphite is very common in nature, and graphene is the intensity of the highest substance known to mankind, but scientists could still take several years or even decades, to find a way to graphite into a large high quality graphene "thin film" method, thus they can be used to manufacture all kinds of useful material for mankind. According to scientists, graphene in addition to very strong, but also has a series of unique features, graphene or conductive performance of the best known materials, which makes it also has great potential applications in the field of microelectronics. The researchers even see graphene as a substitute for silicon that can be used to produce future supercomputers.


1: the increasing complexity of the geometry of the mould and the diversification of the product application result in the higher and higher demand for the discharge accuracy of the spark machine. The advantage of graphite electrode is that it is easy to process, high removal rate and low graphite loss. Therefore, some of the group spark machine customers have abandoned copper electrode instead of graphite electrode. In addition, some special shaped electrode can't made of copper, but easier to forming, graphite and copper electrode is heavier, not suitable for processing large electrode, these factors have caused part of the group of the graphite electrode spark machine customer applications.

2. Graphite electrode is easier to process, and the machining speed is obviously faster than that of copper electrode. For example, graphite is processed by milling process, and its processing speed is 2~3 times faster than that of other metals, and no additional manual processing is required, while the copper electrode needs to be worn by hand. Similarly, if you use a high speed graphite processing center to make the electrode, it will be faster, more efficient, and will not produce dust problems. In these processes, selecting the right tools and graphite can reduce the abrasion loss of the cutter and the breakage of the copper gong. If the concrete is the milling time of graphite electrode copper electrode and graphite electrode, graphite 67% faster than copper electrode, in the general case of electro discharge machining, the adoption of graphite electrode machining 58% faster than using copper electrode. In this way, the processing time is greatly reduced and the manufacturing costs are reduced.

3: the graphite electrode is different from the traditional copper electrode design. Many mold factory in copper electrode roughing and finishing usually have different requirements, and graphite electrode is used almost the same amount of reserve, this reduces the CAD/CAM and the frequency of machine, sheet is for this reason, to a large extent is enough to improve the precision of the mold cavity.

Of course, the first thing that should be clear is how to use graphite materials and other related factors after the copper electrode is transferred to graphite electrode. Today, some group spark machine customers use graphite for electrode discharge machining, which is exempt from the process of mold cavity polishing and chemical polishing, but still achieve the desired surface finish. If the process of time and polishing is not increased, it is impossible for the copper electrode to produce such an artifact. In addition, the graphite is divided into different levels, and in particular the application of using the appropriate level of graphite and spark discharge parameters to achieve the ideal processing effect, if in the use of graphite electrode spark machine operators use the same as the copper electrode parameters, then the result is certainly disappointing. If the material of the electrode is strictly controlled, the graphite electrode can be used in the non-loss condition (less than 1%), but the copper electrode is not used.




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