How to choose a smart lock in the era of smart home

Such changes are happening around us: Home furnishing is becoming more and more popular, and Smart Home furnishing products are emerging one after another. As a basic product of smart homes, smart locks live up to expectations, the speed of new product releases continues to increase, and market expectations have been high. Of course, as a new sunrise industry, smart locks inevitably have some fake intelligent products that are sub-optimal and fake. In order to help consumers better understand and identify the Smart Lock products on the market, the reporter directly visited a number of building materials markets and electronic stores, hoping to go to the market and let you buy the right smart lock.

1. Good design to good appearance, "high value" may not be "white and beautiful"

Good product design does not stop at appearance. Smart locks are household durable goods and are used on a variety of doors. So the first principle of smart lock design is two words: concise. In other words, we should try our best to be concise and versatile on the premise of respecting practical applications. According to the designer of Chang En Company, the excellent door lock design is for the harmonious unification of man, door and lock. No matter the wooden door or iron door, Chinese style or Western style, it must have the finishing touch. Many flashy lock designs on the market are often a manifestation of poor taste. On the other hand, walnut smart locks are valued with a simple and elegant versatile appearance.

2. No APP is non-intelligent, no cloud is inconvenient

In the era of the Internet of Things, one of the criteria for realizing intelligent operation of homes by using mobile terminals to distinguish whether they are truly "intelligent". Fingerprint locks, combination locks, and inductive locks on the market today have become less "smart" under this standard. Despite the cumbersome experience such as induction lock, simple and convenient operation has become the mainstream of the market. The walnut smart lock, which can monitor and control the door lock with the APP, has obviously become the new darling of the times. The appearance of the cloud key function greatly strengthens the unmatched intelligence of the walnut lock, and remote operation and safe operation are solved in one fell swoop.

Third, the intelligence does not forget the essence of security, multiple encryption is unbreakable

One of the purposes of intelligence is to make security more secure, not the other way around. The essence of the door lock is safety. In modern times, a door lock that can cope with a complex and changing security environment is enough to be worthy of an intelligent label. Unlike many show-off gimmicks, Jian Jian deflects intelligence while ignoring safety. Walnut smart locks defend the essence of safety with innovative ideas. In terms of electronic encryption, the same level of bank encryption system is used, and it may not be possible for thousands of computers to crack for a hundred years. On the mechanical side, the use of the highest standard "multicolored lock cylinder" makes it impossible for mechanical brute force cracking. Smart does not forget safety, this is the promise of a good smart lock in safety.

4. Coping with complex environment and strong product adaptability

The installation environment of smart lock products is relatively complex, and the impact of the environment is also quite large. Such as the docking of wireless signals, signal interference, signal shielding, etc., will directly affect the use experience of the lock. Many so-called smart locks rely on the Wi-Fi environment and become useless once the network is lost. For example, the Walnut Smart Lock uses a stable and reliable Bluetooth 4.0 signal transmission, which has excellent performance in information security and stability. It is not necessary for the mobile phone to have a bad signal and no Wi-Fi troubles. important.

5. Strict inspection by authoritative institutions, the report certificate should be complete

For electronic products of the new era, reliability and safety of quality are very important. Repeated detection from the whole to the details, excellent smart lock will not miss a link that may go wrong. After passing the inspection by the national authority, it is very important for the "service" of the product. When buying, consumers should see whether the test report and the product actually match. Many smart lock companies claim to have passed the inspection, but in fact only the mechanical lock products passed the inspection. The first nationwide Internet smart lock inspection qualification report comes from Walnut Smart Lock, which is the guarantee of quality.

Sixth, the price does not mix water, the quality is not false

China's building materials industry is still in a state of inflated prices, and has always refused to penetrate the Internet thinking model. Ordinary fingerprint locks, which are not expensive, can easily mark the high price of thousands and tens of thousands. A lock of tens of thousands of yuan is a scam in itself, and a Bluetooth smart lock priced at about 1,500 already has high quality. High cost performance is the pursuit of an excellent product. With the popularity of Internet technology, the price of smart locks will continue to decline. It is recommended to purchase between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan.

7. Perfect and complete service system

Good after-sales service will save you from the trouble of installation and maintenance. At present, the lock market has not yet formed a perfect after-sales service market. It is extremely irresponsible to consumers. Therefore, it is very important to improve the after-sales service network. After-sales service that always considers customers must promptly and effectively solve all possible problems. This is the basic quality that all excellent modern enterprises should have. Through the perfect after-sales service network of Walnut Lock, consumers who purchased Walnut Smart Lock can completely solve their worries.

To sum up the seven points mentioned above, have you ever thought about buying smart locks?

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