Technology Cow Smart Lock Features Technology Cow Smart Lock Is Worth Buying?

Technology Bull Smart Lock Co., Ltd. is a new technology company integrating R&D, production and sales, focusing on the research and development of smart home products. The company owns two major brands: science and technology cattle keynew mobile smart locks and ekeydoor multifunctional smart door locks. The company boldly innovates and takes the lead. Adopting the OTO business model has created a precedent for the OTO mode of China's door lock industry. The company's products have won many national patents and honors, and the products are exported to all over the world!

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Technology Cow Smart Lock Features

1. The general fingerprint code lock has the danger of password leakage. The recent smart lock also has a virtual bit cryptographic function technology, that is, in front of or behind a registered password, any number can be input as a virtual bit password, which effectively prevents the registration password from leaking, and at the same time can unlock the door lock. b. In the ordinary residential security environment, the general door lock handle opening method can not ensure sufficient safety performance, it is easy to drill a small hole from the outside of the door and then use a wire to turn the handle to open the door. Many smart locks are protected by patented technology. The safety handle buttons have been added to the handlebar settings in the room. You need to press and hold the safety handle button to turn the handle door to open it, which leads to a safer use environment. (At the same time, according to the user's needs, this function can be selectively set by simple operation.)

2. Science and technology cattle smart lock is different from the previous "open and then scan" method, the scanning method is very simple, the fingers on the top of the scan from top to bottom scan can be, without pressing the finger at the scan, scanning The way to reduce fingerprint residue, greatly reduce the possibility of fingerprints being copied, and secure exclusive use.

3. Traditional mechanical locks There is no particular concern about its appearance. Science and technology cow smart lock not only from the appearance of the design is suitable for people's tastes, and even created a smart lock like Apple's smart feeling. Intelligent locks have been quietly on the market.

4. Intelligent door lock built-in embedded processor and smart monitoring, such as to get ah, have the ability to interact with the tenant at any time, you can take the initiative to report the day of television visitors. On the other hand, visitors can even remotely control the smart door lock to open the door for visiting guests.

The above content is Xiaobian's introduction to the science and technology cattle smart lock. Although the price of the smart lock is higher than the traditional door lock, the security and convenience brought by the lock cannot be compared with the traditional lock. Users who are still using traditional door locks, it is time to replace them with smart door locks. For more information on smart locks, you can focus on

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