[Comprehensive] The laboratory safety month starts, and the first personal protective equipment safety lecture was held

On November 3, the "Personal Protective Equipment Safety Seminar" was held at Xuhui Campus. Xu Hongyong, Director of the Security Office, presided over the activity. Lecturer Deng Mingda of 3M China Ltd. made a lecture on “Laboratory Chemical Hazard Assessment and Respiratory Protection”. Nearly 100 teachers and students from School of Materials and Health and Technology attended the lecture.

"Will you wear a mask?" A simple question, but it is not an easy answer. Nearly 100 teachers and students of our school learned how to properly wear masks under the guidance of 4 professional instructors in the 3M China Personal Security Products Division. In the safety inspection of our school, 29% of the hidden dangers were found to be related to improper wearing of personal protective equipment. Therefore, how to guide teachers and students to correctly select and wear personal protective equipment has become the first activity content of the “Labor Safety Month”. .


Deng Mingda talked about laboratory risk identification and university laboratory safety accidents in recent years. Through the limitations of the human respiratory system and respiratory defense system, the classification of air pollutants, and the explanation of their toxicities, he explained the rational layout of the laboratory. The use of fume hoods and hoods, and the importance of proper personal protective equipment. In the end, Deng Mingda demonstrated the standard operating practices for the correct wearing of breathing apparatus for teachers and students. The on-site question and answer and interaction have aroused the curiosity and curiosity of teachers and students. They said that through the lectures, they learned how to identify dangerous and harmful factors in the laboratory, how to identify the exposure level, and how to take control measures. Teacher Deng's demonstration is to correct the wrong way he has used the respirator over the years. This lecture enhanced its own safety awareness and gained a lot.

It is reported that this month's laboratory safety month activity will also hold chemical leakage emergency drills, nuclear radiation emergency drills, gas cylinder safety knowledge lectures, BASF chemical open day and other activities, and will continue to carry out three "laboratory safety management software" use Special training.

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