Do not look for this is the right way to clean and maintain the wooden floor

More and more people prefer to use wooden floors to lay the comfort and senses of home space. However, in addition to first clarifying the types of wood flooring, and what kind of colors and patterns are suitable for their own home, it is more important that they be laid after laying. Cleaning and maintenance! No one would like to spend a lot of money after the renovation, the floor began to change color, deformation, change pits every few years, the following Xiao Bian to help you focus on finishing, on the correct cleaning and maintenance of wood floors, help extend your home wood The life of the floor!

Wood floor cleaning and maintenance 1, cleaning articles

(1) Simple dust - no need to dry dry rub

Remember! The wooden floor is very afraid of water, if too much water seeps into the gap, it may cause deformation and mildew on the wooden floor! Therefore, when cleaning in peacetime, you really shouldn't spoil it with a wet mop. For dust, cotton wool, hair, dander, paper scraps, crackers, and other fine dust, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner, dust paper mop, microfiber mop, electrostatic mop, do not touch the water directly dry rub, to "leave the ground" and " Do not look back at the "2 major principles" to focus dust or hair on cleaning.


(2) Adhesion and stubbornness - Wet cleaning

If you really have to use water to clean the stubborn dirt, such as food and drink stains, saliva secretions, sweat stains on the soles of your feet, blood stains, mosquitoes Kun corpse, paint and paint stains, food oil stains, grease, lipstick, cosmetics, ink, etc. will stick in On a wooden floor, it is advisable to use a mild damp sponge with a mild detergent to soften the stain first, then wipe it with a dry mop or a dry cloth to avoid direct contact with the wooden floor with plenty of water!


Wood floor cleaning and maintenance 2, maintenance articles

(1) Island type floor - protective lacquer coating

Island-type floor, also known as composite floor, can be divided into island-type solid wood flooring and sea-island super wear-resistant flooring, the underlying substrate are both splints, so do not have to use nourishing wood oil, but to protect the paint Surface coating is more important. It is recommended to perform cleaning and maintenance every three months. Remove dust, dirt, and other dirt. Then use a wooden floor cleaner. After wiping with an electrostatic mop, apply a non-slip protective agent on the wooden floor to reach the wooden floor. Anti-slip, anti-fouling, anti-scratch and other effects.


(2) Solid wood flooring - keeping wood oily

Good quality wooden flooring, although it looks brighter after long-term use, it should still maintain its woodiness. It is recommended to use wood essence to nourish the wood at least once a month, which can help to replace the grease lost on the surface of the wooden floor and reduce the moisture content of the wood, making it less susceptible to moisture and deformation. It should be noted that the essential oils should not be poured directly on the wooden floor. It is easy to overfill and not easy to wipe evenly. The spray bottle should be used to spray on the floor in the standing state, and then the essential oil should be evenly wiped with a soft hair electrostatic mop.

(3) Super wear-resistant flooring - increase surface gloss

Because the surface of the super-abrasive floor is not a natural wood grain, it is digitally painted. Therefore, it does not require special maintenance. However, if it is used for a long period of time, it can be used on a regular basis. To clean, maintain, light and other effects.


The above is about the introduction of wood floor cleaning and maintenance . I hope to help you. If you want to learn more about wood floor cleaning and maintenance knowledge, please pay attention to this website decoration information channel.

Wooden floor

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