Ascertain bearing scale parameters

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Ascertain bearing scale parameters

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In many cases; the inner bore dimension of the bearing has been limited by the layout of the machine or equipment. Regardless of the number of operating life; the static load safety factor and the economic function are all at the demand; before the other dimensions and layout of the bearing are selected at the end; It must be scaled. The calculation involves comparing the bearing practice load to its load.
The static load of the rolling bearing means that the bearing is stopped after loading (no relative movement between the inner and outer rings) or the rotation speed is very low. In this case, the safety factor of excessive plastic deformation of the raceway and the rolling body is calculated.
Most of the bearings are subjected to dynamic loads; the inner and outer rings are used for relative motion; the scale calculation is used to check the safety coefficient of early fatigue damage of the rolling races and rolling bodies.
As long as it is in special circumstances; the nominal life calculation is performed on the number of operational lifespans that can be reached according to DIN ISO 281. For the depiction of economic function; the bearing capacity of the bearing should be fully utilized. The use of bearings; then the accuracy of the calculation of the bearing scale is more important.
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