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How to make a cylindrical bore bearing device

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-20

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The device and disassembly method of the bearing shall be determined according to the layout of the bearing, the size of the bearing and the cooperative nature of the bearing components. The pressure of the device and disassembly shall be directly applied to the end face of the tightly cooperating ring; the pressure shall not be transmitted through the tumbler Because this will form an indentation on the outside of the bearing operation; affect the normal operation of the bearing; and even damage the bearing. The bearing frame, seal ring, dust cover and other parts of the bearing are very simple to deform; the pressure of the device or the disassembled bearing cannot be added On these parts.
.1) The inner ring of the bearing is tightly coupled with the shaft; the outer ring and the housing are loosely coupled; the bearing can be first pressed onto the bearing by a press; then the shaft is loaded into the housing together with the bearing; A bearing sleeve (copper or soft steel pipe) of a soft metal material is placed on the end face of the bearing. The inner diameter of the casing of the device should be slightly larger than the diameter of the journal; the outer diameter should be smaller than the diameter of the rib of the inner diameter of the bearing; A large number of device bearings can be added to the sleeve on the handle.
The bearing device should make the bearing hole and the center line of the shaft coincide. The bearing is not only difficult to be tilted relative to the shaft; and the indentation, the journal bending and the inner ring of the bearing will be cracked.
In the local area where the press is short or unable to use; the bearing sleeve and the small hammer device bearing can be used. The hammering force should be evenly transmitted to the entire circumference of the end face of the bearing ring; therefore, the end face of the device casing subjected to hammering should be made. spherical.
.2) The bearing outer ring and the housing hole are tightly cooperated; the inner ring and the shaft are loosely cooperative; the bearing can be pressed into the housing first; at this time, the outer diameter of the device sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the housing hole.
.3) bearing inner ring and shaft; the outer ring and the housing hole are tightly cooperated; the end face of the device sleeve should be made into a ring that can press the end face of the inner ring of the bearing together; or use a disc and device sleeve; The pressure is transmitted to the inner and outer rings together; the bearing is pressed into the shaft and the housing. This device method is uniquely applicable to the device for the active spherical centering spherical bearing.
.4) heating device; the force required for the bearing of the device is related to the size of the bearing and the size of the cooperative interference; the method of hot charging for medium and large bearings with large interference. The bearing or the separation before the hot loading The bearing ring is evenly heated to 80~100 °C in the fuel tank or special heater (not to exceed 100 °C).
Hot-mounted bearings require skilled operation skills. When the bearings are removed from the heating tank or the heater; immediately clean the oil and the attached objects with a clean cloth (not cotton yarn); Front; push the bearing to the position of the shoulder in one operation. It should be pushed all the way during the cooling process; or use a small hammer to tap the bearing through the device casing to make it tight. When the device is slightly rotated, the bearing should be slightly rotated; In case the device is skewed or stuck.
When the bearing outer ring and the housing hole are tightly cooperated, the housing can be heated and then loaded into the bearing. The unique bearing seat made of light metal is in tight cooperation; the bearing outer ring can be damaged by the bearing outer ring; The bearing housing should be heated.
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