New garment materials keep your skin feeling refreshed

HC Plastics News: Scientists at Stanford University in the United States have invented a new type of garment material that automatically adjusts the temperature of the clothes as the outside temperature changes. When it is hot, it cools down and heats it when it is cold. People's skin is always comfortable.

The latest issue of the US Science Progress magazine published the results of this research. The new material is similar to the ordinary kitchen-wrapped aluminum foil used in people's homes, but scientists have stacked two layers of material that automatically release heat, with a layer of polyethylene fabric with cooling on both sides. The copper layer on the fabric collects heat between the fabric and the skin, while the carbon coating beneath the polyethylene fabric has the function of releasing heat.

If you make this material into clothes, in the cold winter, with the copper plating side facing out, the clothes will automatically collect heat to keep the skin warm. If it is a hot day, let the carbon coating face outward, the clothes will automatically release heat to cool the body.

The new material was invented by a research team led by Cui Wei, a professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University, and funded by a research agency affiliated with the US Department of Energy. The researchers said that although this new material can not be used immediately for clothing manufacturing, it has significant energy-saving effects and has broad application prospects.

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