Zheng Research Institute develops high-performance aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy welding wire

Recently, China Aluminum Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metals Research Institute - Zhengzhou Light Research Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. adopts vacuum casting - extrusion - drawing method to develop high-performance aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy welding wire, product surface finish is good, size is accurate, Good welding stability, can be applied to aerospace, petrochemical, military, food packaging and construction metallurgy and other fields.

The quality of welding materials directly determines the quality of welding and the performance of parts. Therefore, according to the needs of customers, we use high-purity metal raw materials to develop and develop special extrusion welding wires for aluminum alloy castings and magnesium alloy castings. The mother body is consistent and is used as a substitute for the original SAl 4043, SAl 5356 and other universal cast wire or direct cast electrode products. The surface finish of this product is better, and there are no appearance defects such as burrs, pits, scratches, etc. The uniformity of the structure is better, and defects such as pores, impurities, and cracks are significantly reduced.

At present, the company can produce and provide ZL101A, ZL105A, ZL114A, ZL205A, ZL208, aluminum lithium, aluminum magnesium and other aluminum alloy welding wire and AZ31, AZ61, MB8, magnesium rare earth, magnesium lithium and other magnesium alloy welding wire, the product diameter of 2-6mm.

Zhengzhou Light Research Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinated to the China Aluminum Institute Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute. It has an experimental and production workshop area of ​​10,000 square meters, nearly 200 sets of research and production equipment, and a small test from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms in the laboratory. The full-capacity research and production of alloys for ton-scale pilot-scale and batch-scale industrialization can systematically study the relationship between the chemical composition, production process, and properties of the alloy, and is particularly suitable for the study of high-performance, small-batch, multi-species specialty alloys. The development and production of advanced engineering materials in the fields of defense, aviation, aerospace and other advanced fields.

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