What details should be paid attention to in the simple decoration of the bathroom?

Although the bathroom decoration process does not cost a lot of money and energy like the living room or bedroom, and it is not too luxurious, but it must be more reasonable when designing. Under normal circumstances, there is a certain limit on the space of the bathroom. We want to Let the space play the most effect. At the end of the month, set the sanitary ware and home appliances and so on. They need to pay attention to the specific material layout, such as the water and sewage pipes and the circuit and the waterproof and wet treatment. About the simple decoration of the bathroom , look at the decoration of the home network Xiaobian is how to say!


Simple decoration of the bathroom:

First, we can pay more attention to the treatment of pipelines. Because there are water and sewage pipelines, we must consider the differences and differences between hot and cold water pipelines, pay more attention to solar energy and washing machines and other electrical products, so as to ensure more reasonable and controllable. It is more convenient and reasonable to avoid long-term unreasonable use affecting its effects, which is very important for us. When doing the dry and wet separation of the bathroom, you need to pay attention to the setting of the mop and the position of the faucet, etc. They are very important to ensure that our life is more convenient in one step.

Second, the circuit is also a key point in the simple decoration of the bathroom. The decoration of the circuit must consider the interface between the lighting and the water heater and the washing machine. The position of these interfaces must be high enough, there are certain waterproof measures, and it is best in the bathroom. Do not use the plug, because the danger is still relatively large, you can set a few more sockets during the decoration, it will bring us a lot of convenience in the future, all the circuit needs to be in the wall, It is waterproof outside, and the leakage protector setting of the bathroom is also very important.

Thirdly, the floor tiles and wall tiles are also important in the decoration. If the tiles are originally arranged in the house, if you don’t like them, you must destroy them. Don’t leave a part, so the overall use is also very unattractive. When the seam is located, it is easier to see the water leaking from the firewood. It will affect the water seepage in the downstairs. The damage is still relatively large. You must pay attention to this. It is best to re-waterproof and then re-lay the floor tiles and walls. brick. When choosing floor tiles and wall tiles, it should also be based on good materials, because the tiles that are easier to clean can reduce us a lot of trouble, at least make our room look more comfortable and will not clean us when there is dust. It is very troublesome.

Fourth, the ceiling of the bathroom is also very important. Under normal circumstances, the aluminum gusset ceiling will be used on the market. These ceilings will have a longer life than PVC, and its quality is better. It looks very beautiful after installation. At present, its price will not be very expensive. Everyone likes this kind of decoration effect. Most PVC materials are integrated. Therefore, when dealing with some roof problems, you may need to cut a small hole, which will seriously affect the aesthetic effect. .


Fifth, a very important part of the simple decoration of the bathroom is the bathroom products. When installing these products, such as toilet sinks, etc., we must pay attention to the style and the style of the bathroom, and the practicality is also very important to ensure The overall aesthetics is relatively high, and it can also save space. It is necessary to consider whether the pipeline is prone to blockage or water leakage during use, and the impact is still relatively large.

The above is the complete content of the simple decoration of the bathroom brought by Xiaobian. I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the simple decoration of the bathroom. If you want to know more about the decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration encyclopedia section.

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