Anti-Static Chemicals: Chemical Sponge Inner Packaging Features

Chemical sponge packaging: delicate touch, strong elasticity, non-deformable for long-term use, and flat cutting.

Packaging sponges play a role in insulating, sealing, shockproofing, dustproofing, filling, soundproofing, fixing and beautifying products for all walks of life.

Anti-static sponge packaging according to its characteristics and functions can be divided into: anti-static packaging sponge, anti-static sponge molding, shock sponge packaging, high-density anti-static sponge packaging, anti-static sponge packaging, fire anti-static sponge packaging, anti-static sound and sound sponge packaging , anti-static wave packaging sponge, wood pulp cotton, anti-static packaging sponge, low density sponge, filter sponge packaging, shaped packaging sponge, colored packaging sponge, sponge column, sponge projectile, sponge stick, anti-static sponge ball, anti-static sponge Inner lining, anti-static sponge tray, anti-static sponge inner tray, anti-static sponge sheet, anti-static sponge strip, anti-static sponge toy, anti-static sponge tube, anti-static paste sponge, anti-static positioning packaging, anti-static shock-resistant sponge , anti-static foam sponge, anti-static compressed sponge, car wash sponge, scouring pad, medical sponge

Anti-static foam packaging anti-static agent added during the foaming process, to achieve anti-static effect. The surface resistance is 10^6ω~10^12ω. The anti-static sponge has the characteristics of good elasticity, softness, and breathability, and is classified into high density and low density. High-density (hard type) is used for inserting integrated circuits, and low-density (soft type) is used for electronic product packaging that has anti-vibration and anti-static requirements. The product's cushioning, shockproof, anti-friction and good toughness and bending degree are suitable for the shockproof and antistatic packaging of electronic products.

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