Introduce the taboo of Feng Shui in the kitchen


There are many tricks or common sense in life. If we do n’t say we all understand it, knowing some tricks or common sense, life should be much more convenient, so that we can enjoy a comfortable life, and taboos in the kitchen can also be taboo It is equivalent to some common sense in life, so we need to understand it so that we can avoid some unnecessary troubles. Here we introduce you to the taboo of Feng Shui in the kitchen!


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The location of the taboo of Feng Shui in the kitchen


In the house decoration Feng Shui, the geographical location is very important. If we ca n’t grasp this point and feel free to touch the house decoration Feng Shui taboo, then we will often destroy our luck or the luck of family and friends, so we must pay attention to this a little. For example, the Feng Shui taboo in the kitchen is also very elegant in terms of geographical location. The kitchen cannot occupy the central position of the house, and this is also because the center of the house is a place where anger is generated. So we must remember this taboo in the kitchen feng shui!


The placement of taboo electrical appliances in the kitchen


In today's technologically advanced society, every household has more or less one or two pieces of kitchen appliances. Today, we are not talking about what kitchen appliances are, but how to arrange the kitchen appliances in order to get rid of the kitchen feng shui taboo. If you really do n’t know how to place the kitchen appliances, you can roughly understand the position that is beneficial to you, and then place it in a position that is beneficial to you. It is very simple and will not affect your luck. After all, everyone is not a professional. Feng Shui master? Have you learned this little kitchen knowledge?


Yin-yang balance in the taboo of Feng Shui in the kitchen


In Feng Shui, many people pay attention to the balance between yin and yang. The simple point is harmony, no one takes advantage of anyone, no one poses a threat to anyone, and everyone coexists peacefully. In fact, there is also a balance between yin and yang in the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is a place where water and fire blend. If one party is better than the other, it is easy to bring us bad luck, so we must pay attention to the problem of harmony. . There is also a kind of kitchen harmony, that is, setting up a dining room at the corner of the kitchen to increase the popularity of the kitchen, reconcile the kitchen's vitality, and achieve harmony between Yin and Yang.


Drainage of taboos in the kitchen


The kitchen is where we wash and cook, and water is inevitable, so the drainage system is particularly important, but from the perspective of kitchen feng shui taboo, the amount of water used in the kitchen is obvious to everyone. If the sewage cannot be eliminated in time, it will increase the kitchen The dirty air not only affects the environment of the kitchen, but also brings safety problems, so whether in life or feng shui, the kitchen drainage system is very important, so we must keep this in mind!


The above is a general introduction to the common sense in the kitchen. I hope it can help you. The information may not be comprehensive enough, so you can also search for other related information to let you master the kitchen feng shui taboo and increase your luck. (Editor: Peter)


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