Grand Opening of Lanzhou International Building Materials and Home Expo City

On October 19, Lanzhou International Building Materials and Home Furnishing Expo, a new beacon of Lanzhou Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry, opened hotly. Hundreds of merchants involved in the building materials and furnishing industry were competing to buy property-type shops. The atmosphere on the day was warm and popular. Chairman Zhang Da of Huazun Rieter Group said at the scene: "Lanzhou International Building Materials and Home Expo City occupies Anning's market advantage and geographical advantage, accelerating the development of Lanzhou to the west. The project site is located in Shajingyi Area of ​​Anning District from north to south The Fengshui treasure is developed and constructed from west to east. It is connected to the Anning Marshalling Station of the Lanyu Railway in the north, the Anning Wanmu Ecological Park in the east, the Anqin Road and the expressway in the west to the new area, and the north is under construction. The ring road and the south pass through Xisha Bridge to Xigu, and the starting point of Metro Line 2 Yuantaizi Station is next to the project. The overall traffic advantage is self-evident and the investment prospect is broad. Huazun Group will make efforts to transform and develop in Lanzhou and even Gansu Actively contribute to transform Lanzhou International Building Materials and Home Expo City into a first-class modern building materials home service platform in the Northwest. "

Lanzhou International Building Materials and Home Expo City was developed by Gansu Huazun Lida Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. It is another major project after Huazun Group successfully launched the Gansu Electromechanical Hardware Logistics Center, Gansu International Electromechanical Plumbing City, and Rieter International Auto Parts City in Lanzhou. The project covers a total area of ​​about 1600 acres, with a planned construction area of ​​2 million square meters and a total investment of 7 billion yuan. It is reported that Lanzhou International Building Materials and Home Expo City is the key construction project signed by the 16th Lanzhou Fair and a professional development project based on the construction of the entire Lanzhou building materials and home logistics market. Its completion will not only fill Lanzhou and even Gansu Province. The blank of the professional logistics service platform for building materials and home appliances will also radiate the central logistics market in the western region. While developing its own market, it will aggregate, upgrade and drive the northwest building materials industry. With a professional service platform and unified standard market operation, it will enable It has become an effective base for national building material brand manufacturers to expand business opportunities and promote the development of Lanzhou building materials industry.

According to reports, the Expo City project includes two large-scale brand stores and more than 10 sub-markets, including five-star hotels, office buildings, large-scale catering and entertainment centers, business apartments, warehousing and logistics centers and other industrial clusters. Among them, the Building Materials Home Expo City alone will cover a variety of business formats such as Stone City, Plate City, Glass City, Tube City, Ceramic City, Floor City, Cabinet City, Decorative Lighting City, Curtain Fabric City, and Furniture City. After completion, it is expected to realize an annual transaction volume of 5 billion yuan, solve more than 20,000 jobs, and generate annual profits and taxes of more than 500 million yuan. It can promote the further development of the surrounding transportation, tourism, and catering industries. Economic benefits.

On the opening day, merchants coming from different urban areas of Lanzhou competed to buy shops. Merchants in outdoor activity areas and sales centers were bustling, and the staff were surrounded by water. Mr. Guo happily told reporters after successfully selecting a 186-square-meter shop: “I am doing stone business in Lanzhou. The stone processing factory is in other provinces and sales are in Lanzhou. Currently, the shops are mainly in urban areas, but the traffic is relatively crowded. Lanzhou International Building Materials and Home Expo City has a good location, rich storage space, reasonable store planning, especially full-property shops. Unified management will allow merchants to have more room for development and market momentum will be greater. The development prospects are very promising. "(Editor: Peter)

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Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose

Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose