Qingdao Fuying International Home Lifestyle Plaza will open at the end of October


The reporter recently learned that after more than a year of preparation, Qingdao Fuying International Home Life Plaza will be grandly opened on October 30. The project is undertaking the Huamei Butterfly Transform under the 12-year operation history of Fuying Decoration City.

The total construction area of ​​Fuying International Home Furnishing Phase II is 106,000 square meters, with a total investment of 930 million yuan. It is divided into two venues, building materials and furniture , to achieve one-stop purchase of home building materials products. After opening, Fuying International Home Furnishing will become a professional home furnishing experience store with first-class hardware facilities and leading soft management in Qingdao West Coast.


It is understood that in order to carefully prepare for the grand opening ceremony, October 13th, Qingdao Fuying International Home held an opening preparation and dual-core marketing mobilization oath meeting at the Kempinski Hotel. The event invited Wu Yongkang, a top domestic management consulting expert, to conduct systematic marketing strategy training for more than 800 brand distributors and shopping guide elites of Fuying International Home Furnishing.

During the opening period, in order to benefit consumers and benefit dealers, the mall will hold a wealth of cash back draws, opening gifts and other activities, including opening gifts, buying furniture and building materials, giving 100 Marriott gifts, providing special products, etc. , In return to consumers. (Editor: Peter)

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