What are the uses of concrete pumps? What is the principle of concrete pump?

1, the selection of concrete pump 1.1 Categories From the mobility can be divided into automotive concrete pump (pump), frame pump (without active boom), trailing concrete pump. From the power form can be divided into electric and internal combustion engine. From the pump form, the current domestic commonly used oblique gate valve and the "S" pipe valve type; the former has the advantage of concrete aggregate diameter larger (40mm), the price is lower, the disadvantage is the gate Plate valve to be uninterrupted lubrication, pumping height of about 100m; the latter without lubrication system, the aggregate required strict (not more than 33mm), pumping height up to 150m above, the price is generally higher. 1.2 Selection According to work experience, large-scale thermal power plant construction equipment generally equipped with two mixing towers (stations), three concrete pumps, a pump towed pump or two pump one-drop pump, and multiple choice inclined Gate valve to meet the aggregate requirements, so mobility, economy, availability are more reasonable. 1.3 Selection Notes (1) primary election concrete pump, be sure to visit the user, learn more about the actual use. (2) must choose the regular manufacturer mass production of concrete pump. (3) try not to use any manufacturer's first (first batch) concrete pump. (4) Should be signed with the manufacturer sales direct contract to buy, as far as possible through the middle part, in order to facilitate maintenance services.

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