Which colors are not suitable for home decoration?

Which colors are not suitable for home decoration:

First, pink may not be prosperous

Many people think that the use of pink decoration in the home can effectively increase the peach blossom, and the pink color is softer, which is very popular among consumers. But in fact, the pink decoration may not be good, it is easy to make people feel irritated, so use it with caution.

1, pink wall provokes right and wrong

The pink paint in the home is the most fierce color. Pink is easy to make people feel violent, easy to have a squabble, and fight for right and wrong, quarreling frequently.

Especially for newlyweds, in order to adjust the atmosphere in the sputum, it is best not to use this color, this color tone will also cause neuropathy.

2, pink curtain injury nerve

In order to emphasize the elegance of the curtains, pink curtains are often used. Pink curtains can cause brain neurasthenia, panic, anxiety, and temper, and quarrels often happen.

3, color matching should be careful

In addition, the curtains and the ground should try to avoid the matching of red and green, green and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple, so as to avoid a bad psychological feeling. Because these colors are too bright or contrasting. In addition, the ground and curtains are often seen in the home, so the color selection should be as soft as possible.

Second, too much space, green spirit is difficult to concentrate

As we all know, green represents vitality and health, and many people have many green plants in their homes or green-based decorations. In fact, too much green is difficult to concentrate, which is not conducive to career and academics. Be careful.

1, the living room green plants do not mess

The feng shui of the Five Elements is symbolic because the things in the environment are thought to emit some form of energy, some of which are “good” or “bad.” The gas emitted by plants is considered to be applicable to special feng shui. In the norm, such as the Eight Diagrams and the Five Elements, if you combine them, you can balance the energy of one place by the influence of the five elements - the mutual and the phase.

In the field of feng shui, green plants are one of the most attractive and practical treatments. In any area, lifelike gas can have a very large impact - plants can affect the energy and direction of the gas, it can also help the gas return to equilibrium, so pay attention to whether to maintain balance when placing plants.

2, the green study must not

In Feng Shui, green is the most auspicious healthy color, but if the study is too green, the will of the home will fade and it will not concentrate. Not generally speaking, the eyes should be more green.

In fact, green refers to the green color of nature, rather than artificially green, so it will inevitably lead to indoor lifelessness and lack of vitality.

Third, the home refused to save the black and carefully ruined

Some people like to use black sofas, chairs, tables and other furniture when decorating their homes. This kind of pure black interior decoration is not advisable. The yin and yang five elements is the cosmology of the ancients. It is also the theoretical basis of Kansei and traditional Chinese medicine. The balance of the yin and yang of the house will have a beneficial effect on the human body. Therefore, it is not appropriate for any one of the several colors of the house to be "excessive" or "unreachable".

1, black furniture injury fortune

Many young people chasing fashion like to use black furniture, but if too much black furniture is placed in the room, it will weaken the male owner's fortune.

If it is a couple's room, it is more important to pay attention to it. Too much black will make the male owner easy to take care of, and will bring rotten peach blossoms; it will also make bad luck run to the hostess.

2, black decoration hurts

Black decorative paintings or drawings with too deep colors should not be hung in the room as much as possible. Because these paintings are thicker in color, it is easy to cause depression, and the lack of impulsiveness and pessimism.

At the same time, black symbolizes turbid water. Too much black decoration makes the owner's love and luck unsatisfactory, and makes the "water" necessary for love transportation become turbid. Single people are not conducive to finding the other half of their favorite, while married people are careful to encounter emotional crisis.

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