Home improvement related matters

1. Treat "top, wall and ground" differently

In general, in order not to cause a feeling of depression, it is preferable to use the top treatment as simple. The wall is not covered by furniture, it is the background of ornaments such as paintings, so the wall does not need to spend more money to decorate; for the decoration of the ground, the decoration style of the room is determined, and the frequency of use of the ground is obviously higher than that of the wall. The face and ceiling are high.

2, the kitchen, bathroom is the new focus

In general, the kitchen is the place with the most pipelines in the home, and it is the most troublesome when it is renovated. However, the kitchen will not change much after the renovation, so it is worthwhile to invest more money and make the kitchen beautiful.

3. Do you want to decorate children?

If there is a space atmosphere dedicated to children, it will be beneficial to the child's psychological growth. Therefore, the child's room must not only be renovated, but also need to invest more money. When designing a children's room, you can use more expensive floor materials, while the walls and ceiling can be "faded."

4. Which is important in the living room and bedroom?

The most important thing in the living room is to reflect the characteristics of this family. It is relative to spend more money, but it is not necessary to pile up high-grade materials. The key is to be novel in the way of decoration. In the configuration of furniture and the selection of decorations, it is elegant and generous. In contrast, the decoration and decoration of the bedroom can be simple. Because the function of the bedroom is relatively simple, it is just a space for people to rest. The decoration is simple and warm, but it is not too expensive, but the bed must be very comfortable.

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