Turn bacteria into power: vacuum cleaners that can climb stairs

Turn bacteria into power: vacuum cleaners that can climb stairs

At the Chicago Furniture Supplies Exhibition in mid-March, many founders displayed their respective technologies and inventions. One of them is called "Limbo" vacuum cleaner, which is particularly bright: because it can operate in stairwells and convert bacteria in the "belly" into a power source, it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Although this product is still in the R&D stage, it has improved a lot compared to the vacuum cleaners on the market. The product has been able to automatically climb the stairs without falling. As for the terrain with complex terrain, it cannot be detected and estimated well and needs improvement.

In appearance, "Limbo" is equipped with four huge wheels that look like heavy trucks. The wheels have adopted a honeycomb design, with tough materials to improve the product's grip, climbing stairs is not difficult. In addition, when the machine detects the adjacencies of the wall, the wheels will shrink, expanding the clean area.

Another feature of Limbo is that it does not rely on conventional batteries to provide power. It has a system called "Microbail Electrolysis" that converts bacteria from dust into energy. It is very environmentally friendly, so you can't see any charging plugs on this model.

Converting bacteria into energy is indeed a very environmentally friendly measure, but if it is to be realized and popularized in the short term, this is unlikely. But another highlight of "Limbo" is also worthy of attention: "climb the stairs." If the domestic makers can create a battery version of "Limbo", isn't it an improvement on the vacuuming machine?

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